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Until the NDS and Wii U, I was primarily a fan of Sony and Sega's home consoles. Sega exited the hardware scene, though, and I detested where the industry was going last gen with the 360 and PS3, so I went back to playing primarily on Nintendo consoles after experiencing the magic of Super Mario Galaxy. I still don't like the Wii overall, but that game really tapped into something that had been dormant for a long time. Don't regret the decision to re-invest in Nintendo one bit: the Western AAA third party scene has very little of interest to me. I only own a PS4 for the Japanese exclusives.

Of course, if Galaxy hadn't won me back, the Switch would have, since I've always loved portable gaming devices.

@bitleman 67 million units sold isn't a failure by any stretch of the imagination, and it's proof that portable gaming consoles still have a solid place in the market, even if that place has been eroded somewhat by the industry-shaking proliferation of smart devices.

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@bitleman Oh wait, you were actually being serious?


Yep, I love buying, playing and praising all of those low budget shovelware games on my PlayStation 4!

@BLP_Software I always find it quite amusing to be honest.

From opening the SNES on Christmas Day back in 1994, to my Game Boy Colo(u)r, N64, GBA, GameCube, DS lite, Wii, 3DS XL and buying the Wii U on day one on the 30th of November in 2012 , I spent a shy over twenty years exclusively playing on nothing but a Nintendo system. Then along came a PlayStation 4 almost exactly two years ago in 2015, and I am now a PlayStation fanboy. You just couldn’t make it up!

Just play on whatever console(s) that comes along with the kind of games you enjoy most, I say.

@NaviAndMii Sounds like we had a relatively similar experience growing up with video games! I loved playing Crash Bandicoot, Destruction Derby (like yourself), Gran Turismo, PaRappa the Rapper, Spyro the Dragon, Tekken and Time Crisis (with that G-Con 45 light gun) round my friends, and they thoroughly enjoyed playing the likes of Bomberman 64, GoldenEye 007 and Mario Kart 64 round mine.

I kind of miss those good old PSone/N64 days, especially the sit-on-the-sofa multiplayer side of things.



@Peek-a-boo Started with Spyro, moved into the PS2, brief stint with a 360 and the Wii and DS were there when I was bored until we could afford a PS3 in 2010! and then I realised Sony dropped most of what pulled me in back in the day (And sadly its actually less in my taste on PS4!) and so I went back and expanded my DS and Wii games. Picked up a Wii U launch day and now a Switch.

Like seriously. Most of my life has been spent on PlayStation! But they dropped what I liked about them.

But what's really I dont get the same feeling from many Nintendo games that I do a new Sonic or Ratchet or Spyro, or even the Crash remakes. Isn't that weird? Maybe its because thats my few bright spots in my terrible childhood.

Nintendo gives me want I want to play...but I long for Sony to get up and do it too. But that wont happen.

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In my early gaming years Nintendo was the main source with Sony on the side (the Sony consoles were never mine but I could play them sometimes) but since I got a TV and GC for my room in late 2004, the battle for my time has almost exclusively been Nintendo vs. Microsoft (my Xbox journey started with Xbox 360 in September 2009). Here in 2017, I use my XB1 more than my Nintendo consoles but if Rock Band 4 hadn't existed it would be the other way round.


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Hmmm...wonder what happened to Hollow coming soon on the eshop...

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The early release Rayman Legends demo got an update today, I think it fixed the docked issues. Will probably reappear on the eshop next week.


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@NaviAndMii can't say I agree. Yes the WiiU was a disaster and sales failure. But Nintendo came out and delivered a console that is attracting old and NEW gamers. This is the time to jump in. "SO FAR" I don't ever remember a Nintendo console having this much success with gamers from a third party perspective. This is the time to jump in and AT LEAST announce you have games in development for the console. I applaud Activision for being there on WiiU I bought both COD games day 1 and would do they same on Switch. Switch isn't perfect by any means and there are some hurdles for publishers and developers.... But what they have done is created one of the hottest gaming products out right now. It's no excuse time for publishers.



December 25th, 1990. I wake up Christmas morning, and unwrap my first ever gaming console- the NES with brand new copy of MegaMan 3 and Super Mario Bros. And a GameBoy with Alleyway. Couple years later, I get a SNES for Christmas with MegaMan X and Super Mario World, and had an obsession with the DKC games. Over the next few years of elementary school, I spend the night every weekend at my friend's house, who has a Sega Genesis and Sonic the Hedgehog. Fell in love instantly. Saved my allowance for a Genesis, and got a GameGear for Christmas. Nothing but Sonic all the way til 5th grade.

Then came the N64 for Christmas, along with Super Mario 64. Would go on to play F-Zero X (which I first experienced on SNES), WaveRace, 1080, SanFrancisco Rush, GoldenEye, and WWF No Mercy. Had heard of some weird new gaming console called the PlayStation, and it looked like a saucer in the magazine, so I paid it no mind. They said it was popular, but I never met anyone who owned one. I was used to reading about mystery consoles that no one owned. I'd read of the Neptune and SegaCD and 32X, the Saturn, NeoGeo... but nobody I knew owned any of these and I figured PlayStation was just another one in the group of consoles no one owned.

Then the teenage years... got a PS2. Everyone owned a PS2. EVERYONE. I rememeber those days... Grand Theft Auto Vice City was all the talk. Didn't know what a GameCube was until right before the Wii released. Would watch my brother play this game called Metroid Prime... I had never been so addicted to watching someone else play a video game in my entire life. I would literally wake up and spend 8 to 10 hours all day just watching him play. Finally went out and bought the $99 Silver GC Metroid Prime bundle with demo disc for MP2: Echoes. Only played 3 games on it. Metroid Prime, Metroid Prime 2: Echoes and F-Zero GX. And oh man, seeing F-Zero in "realistic modern day" graphics having grown up with the series... it was bliss.

Then the Wii was announced, and I saw Metroid Prime 3 and Zelda Twilight Princess. I scooped the console up like everyone else, but never really played much beyond those two games. Well, Donkey Kong Country Returns, Wii Sports, Mario Kart, couple others. Got a PS3, and PSP, but never really played either. It wasn't until 2011, after I impulse purchased a turquoise 3DS, that I actually started getting into video games a little bit. Actually got me to buy a Vita in 2012 at launch, and I played that thing all the time for the first few months. When the Wii U released later that year, I was so excited about it, and more than just in a casual way. NintendoLand and New Super Mario Bros U blew my mind. Seeing these Nintendo franchises in HD after 20 years of knowing them and playing them on standard television sets was amazing. When PS4 released a year later, I was already on board. And from there I moved on to Xbox and PC and now Switch...

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I mostly played Nintendo for the longest time (minus the 16 bit era, where we got a Genesis. Supposedly, my brother bought into “blast processing“). I still dabbled in other consoles (mostly during visits with relatives). Branched out during the Wii era, and I'm glad I did. Nintendo is behind a lot of my favorite franchises.... but, some games will just never come to their systems (anytime soon, at least). Variety is the spice of life, etc etc.

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Ya, no console has everything. And every console offers something.

I've pretty much stopped playing PS4, and I've long been done with Vita, and never was too big into Xbox. PC is from time to time.

But, there's one game that will 100% make it all worth it. Where Monster Hunter goes, I go. Wii U, 3DS, now Switch, and next year it'll be Xbox One. Even if that's the only game I play that's not on Switch next year, I'll still be happy. Consoles are a means to an end, that's all. The games are what we really care about... that said I think Switch is the one platform I actually care about the platform itself, just because it's so practical, convenient, and changes the way you game on a day to day basis. I wish all games could be on Switch, but, that's never going to happen. So I'll gladly take what comes and if I have to play a game on another console from time to time without the portability and ability to switch between, so be it.

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Before getting into Nintendo, I was playing mostly C64 from 1982-1992 but also spent some time with a VC-20, a Schneider CPC, an old EGA IBM PC, the arcades, the NES, Master System, and an Atari 2600.

I loved many games on all the machines I got my hands on. However, the NES with Super Mario Bros. 1 & especially 3, and Dr. Mario, and even Mario & Yoshi (these were the first and only Nintendo games available to me at the time) and they seemed to be so much more fun than most games, they seemed bigger than other games, and you just wanted to play them for hours. I know most think Mario & Yoshi is a mediocre puzzler nowadays, but I played it just as much as Dr. Mario. Nintendo's games were unique, fascinating, and addicting.

But I wanted a Sega Mega Drive because Sonic The Hedgehog. As a kid if you get the opportunity, you take the fast and cooler. I even bought the Sonic comics and then on christmas, I unwrap my present and got a Super Nintendo More Fun Set with Super Mario World, F-Zero and Super Soccer.
Well, no sign of a SEGA and Sonic, but I wasn't worried. I tried it out, and was very happy with it. It didn't take long for me to realise that this was the better present. When we went on a christmas shopping tour I also decided that I want Donkey Kong Country, Lemmings, a Super Game Boy + Donkey Kong '94 and quickly forgot about Sonic. That was one of my best christmas' as a kid, even though I didn't get what I wanted. ^^

My SNES and Game Boy collection grew and grew with mindblowing games (Zelda, Super Metroid, Secret of Mana, Starwing. Almost everything of that era that is considered a classic nowadays. I was lucky to meet someone with an adapter, who is now a good friends, and we played the greatest US imports on our PAL consoles: Chrono Trigger, EarthBound, Super Mario RPG, EVO: Search for Eden, and many more.

I'll put the rest short... from then on it was all Nintendo, day one for home consoles, and at least one version of each handheld.

Some PC, Steam, indie and mobile games can get my attention once in a while but it's nothing compared to the dedication, and work and effort I (like to) put into Nintendo's games. Over all these years owning Nintendo almost exclusively, Sony and Microsoft never appealed to me enough to have them as a secondary console next to my N64, Gamecube, Wii, Wii U, or Switch. Sega however always did, and when I was able to buy all the Master System and Mega Drive games on Wii VC that I missed, I added all the Sonic games, Wonder Boy games, Treasure games (Gunstar Heroes, Alien Soldier, Light Crusader, Dynamite Headdy), Landstalker, Shining Force, Gain Ground and the others I always wanted to my list. That's just one of many reasons I was happy to play on a Wii for 5 years exclusively.

However, one of the competitors could have swayed me over once, but I had no time and money.
It was the Playstation 1. A friend had one. And after playing a handful of amazing looking and really good games (Final Fantasy 7, Soul Edge, Resident Evil, Metal Gear Solid, Symphony of the Night, Suikoden) I was on the edge of getting one. But I couldn't afford it because every month one or two Triple AAA games came out for the N64.
I couldn't save enough money for the PS1 because in October '97 I had to get Starfox 64 + Rumble Pak, in November I had to get Diddy Kong Racing, extreme-G, and Bomberman 64, in December I really needed Mischief Makers and Doom 64, in January '98 there was no way around Yoshi's Story and I finally got my hands on GoldenEye (which was a bit difficult to get for a 16 year old boy in Germany at the time), in February surprise hit Tetrisphere happened, in March Mystical Ninja Starring Goemon finally arrived, in April Forsaken 64, in May Banjo-Kazooie.... it went on and on right up to the release of the Gamecube. I was always able to enjoy many different genres so even though the PS1 also had their great share of games, I never got one and always played at my friends house. I was happy with what the N64 offered until the Gamecube arrived and nothing much has changed since: the Gamecube (+GBA) offered enough until the Wii, the Wii (+DS) offered enough until the Wii U, etc.
There is one difference though going from gen to gen: bigger selections of great games, and so I have even less time to even think about getting something else next to my Switch. I have a huge backlog of unfinished Wii U and Wii games, and 3DS, and DS games, and Steam games, and mobile games.

Sorry for the wall of text.
I have a long history in gaming. ^^

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I grew up playing all of the classics like Doodle Jump, Angry Birds and Jetpack Joyride and then got into emulation and played really old games like Super Mario 3 and Castlevania.

They're obviously not as good as Jetpack Joyride because I can't just spend money to get past hard levels (never made it past level 3 in Castlevania lol) but I can see why people who are old today would have liked them back in the day. Like they couldn't have watched the Transformers movies box set or Fast & Furious 13.

They probably had to watch films with live actors whereas today we have CGI recreations of dead actors which are much better because they cost more money and look better.

Anyway Nintendo is better now because Wii U emulation is in 4K now so they've joined the modern world. I don't think any other dev can match their legacy... but if Angry Birds 3 improves on number 2 even just a bit I might have to rethink that!



When did this turn into the life stories thread?

JaxonH wrote:

It wasn't until 2011, after I impulse purchased a turquoise 3DS, that I actually started getting into video games a little bit.

I think you really need to re-read everything you wrote in that post and then re-evaluate that statement. Spending 8-10hrs a day watching Metroid Prime would probably meet most people's definitions of being 'into video games a little bit'

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I'll keep it brief.

I was born with an Atari joy-stick in my hand and have been playing games ever since.

A list of all the consoles I ever owned and in the order I owned them for no other reason than I like to list them.

Atari 2600
Spectrum 128k +2
Master System
Mega CD
Mega 32X
Wii U

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StuTwo wrote:

I grew up playing all of the classics like Doodle Jump, Angry Birds and Jetpack Joyride

lolwut. Those games aren't that old.



Hitokage1 wrote:

StuTwo wrote:

I grew up playing all of the classics like Doodle Jump, Angry Birds and Jetpack Joyride

lolwut. Those games aren't that old.

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Bioshock is nearly 10 years old. Let's play through its horrific environment and see why its so beloved!
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My console and handheld heritage...

ZX Spectrum +2 128K
Game Boy
Game Boy Advance
DS (including 2 DS Lites - one of which broke when it fell out of my pocket as I was running for the bus to work)
Xbox 360
PlayStation 2
New 3DS XL
[aiming to get a Switch within a month]

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@Hitokage1 they're really old - I played them on the original iPhone 4s years ago.

Yeah I'd definitely put Apple right up there with Nintendo. I mean Nintendo has some Pokemon games but Apple made Pokémon Go and that's loads better because it's like the Pokémon are really in the room.



bitleman wrote:

Also the Wii had plenty of third party games. But those games were mostly low budget shovelwares. And now the low budget shovelwares market is on PS4 you're praising it. Weird.

I'm pretty sure when people talk about "third party support" they're not talking about the shovelware. At all. When I talk about third party support on the Wii specifically I think about games like Red Steel 2, Zack & Wiki, Resident Evil and Monster Hunter. The fact that shovelware also came along for the ride isn't really a counter point. Shovelware exists for the same reason third party support in general exists. Publishers want to make money from popular platforms.

Now in terms of the Switch? I don't expect it to be on par with the PS4 in terms of big AAA third party releases. I think anyone who does is kidding themselves. However my gut feeling is that it'll be about to gather a strange alliance of third party support. Because when push comes to shove the Switch is kinda replacing three consoles. It's kinda the successor to the Wii U, 3DS and Vita.

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