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Grumblevolcano wrote:

I think the big holiday 2018 game will be 2D Mario. If you think about the past, 2014 is the only year in the past decade that didn't have a Mario platformer and given we already have 3D Mario coming to Switch in the form of Odyssey that leaves 2D for next year. Whether it takes the form of a Super Mario Maker port/sequel or a fully featured 2D Mario adventure, I'm not sure.

I can see Nintendo doing this without a doubt. 2d Mario's are cheap and quick and make money.

I still say Luigis Mansion and Pikmin 4 are on the cards for the next year and a half. Neither are system sellers or holiday games but both can fill huge needs.

Oh and can we please get a KI Uprising 2!!!

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MERG said:

If I was only ever able to have Monster Hunter and EO games in the future, I would be a happy man.


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@Octane Neither do I but with things like this he's usually a lot more careful with what he says.He's just basically said there that it's coming next year.It might still end up falling into 2019 but I really doubt he would be talking like that about a game that had only just begun development.

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@Spoony_Tech I agree about Pikmin 4 given it has been confirmed in the past that Pikmin 4 is not Hey! Pikmin, I think Pikmin 4 will be a summer game. Not sure about Luigi's Mansion but it would be cool to have especially if it was more like the GC game than 3DS.

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NLG doesn't have a lot of experience with HD development, but by the end of next year more than 3 years will have passed since Federation Force's release. That might be enough time to put out a new Luigi's Mansion. Were they involved with the arcade game in any capacity? If they were, there has to be something from that they can reuse.


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Just thought I'd share a handy little thing I discovered for anyone who didn't already know...

I had an issue with my Switch yesterday (a black screen, only things I could access were a couple of partially responsive menus) - couldn't access the home screen, couldn't shut down via the Power menu...I checked Nintendo's online Troubleshooting page and discovered that you can force a power down by holding the on/off button down for 12 seconds...doing so allowed me to reboot the console and resolve the issue

I wasn't aware that you could hard reboot the console in this way - hopefully I won't have to use it too often, but it's useful to know nonetheless

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