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@Spoony_Tech That's what I did too ('cept I used the Amazon Prime discount). Make the Switch copy VERY cheap for a first-party Nintendo game.

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JaxonH wrote:

Who on earth buys a Nintendo Switch, but doesn't buy Zelda or Mario Kart lol... I guess those people exist, but it's hard for me to fathom why. Just wanna tell these people they're doing it wrong. So wrong 😁

I didn't buy Switch MarioKart. I bought it for WiiU and didn't play it much. I might pick it up if I can get it for £20, but the extras aren't swaying it for me. Now, if it was an HD update of Diddy Kong Racing...

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Well, I bought the Switch for Xeno2. I figured that it will be exclusive to Switch, so I bought the Switch along with Zelda.

Mario Kart 8 Deluxe is a great game, but I'm in the same boat as most people who already have it on Wii U. The Switch version just has the cancelled MK8 DLC2. I'd rather pay the 12,99€ to get this second DLC pack on Wii U because 59,99 for the second DLC pack is too much.



I'm pretty sure Nintendo has majority shares in Monolith Soft. Or at the very least, enough shares that anything Xenoblade being released on any non-Nintendo platform is extremely unlikely.

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Those who are planning on buying Splatoon 2 but have Splatoon may want to train in that game to prepare for Splatoon 2 multiplayer. I loaded up Splatoon to try out my HDMI switch (ran out of HDMI ports on my TV to have my Wii U, XB1 and Switch connected) and I got completely destroyed in ranked battle.


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Well, yeah. Ranked is where dreams go to die in any game.

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I think people are getting a bit too reactionary to the news that world won't come over. Similar to when people chanted Metroid was dead forever when they announced federation force. I think patience will reward us in the future in terms of monster hunter games.



@Operative2-0 And to be fair, MH started on PS. And in seriousness, while I am not saying World shouldn't be on Switch, It at least needed to be on PS4 if Capcom is serious about making MH bigger outside Japan.

If anyone is upset or disappointed, that's fair. But please do not act like entitled brats(Not saying anyone here is just well saying.) Bar maybe Square Enix, Capcom has done more for Nintendo and their fans than any other third party.


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Regarding MH, we have to wait and see, but I admit I'm not confident at all. Nintendo's not going to pick up the slack like for previous MH 3DS games if Capcom is happily throwing money behind pushing MHW when it was Nintendo who pushed the 4th gen in the west. Plus, we have the record of what happened with some AA games that doesn't exactly shed Capcom in a favorable light

I hope we see the portable series continue on the Switch or if not, that Nintendo gets some of the clones on the platform. It's a genre that has potential!

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How hilarious/awesome would it be if we could get universal voice chat apps and devs figure it out before Nintendo.



Why would you even link that video here? Just because it's contentious and draws attention?

MH World development started in 2013. When Wii U was tanking right after launch. Switch released four years after development started. So to assert Capcom has bailed out and all hope is lost is not only wrong, it's downright confusing.

Capcom isn't going to flush 4 million + sales per release on a single platform down the toilet. They're just not. Heck, Switch will already have a MH game just 6 months into its lifespan. PS4 had to wait, what, 4 years? And that's after skipping the entire PS3 generation (aside from MMO in Japan). This falls perfectly in line with what was leaked. Chasing western sales. Game on power consoles. Portable series continues on Switch.

That guy didn't even know the game was PS4 exclusive in Japan. He's uninformed, and it shows.

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I'm still holding out for MH XX localization. I'm hoping they are staying mum about it as not to kill the hype they are trying to build for MH: World and since Switch version of XX isn't even out in Japan yet I know it's going to take time for localization. I'm considering importing though because I really want my Monster Hunter fix. Generations didn't hold me for long.

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@Arcamenel Monster Hunter 3 Ultimate wasn't announced for localization until the Wii U version released in Japan, after which we got both versions simultaneously. Wouldn't surprise me if a similar situation is happening for XX (we do remember that the 3DS version exists, right?).

I'll get my monster fix with Stories. Yes, it's not the same gameplay in the slightest but it still lets you play with almost all the creatures you know and love (or hate). Maybe we'll even get the updates early and ride the elder dragons (Daora and Teostra) plus Rajang soon.

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I can't imagine random voice chat improving Splatoon one jot. For starters, a good chunk of players online are Japanese, and are distributed randomly between teams. Sometimes players would be able to talk with their entire team, and other times with no-one, leading to potentially unfair tactical advantages for whichever team happens to be least divided by the language barrier. And if voice chat doesn't confer any significant tactical advantage, there that undermines the core argument for its inklusion anyway.

It'd be awkward, unevenly distributed, and inevitably lead to frequent frustration, and in extreme cases, outright xenophobia. There was a worrying amount of anti-Japanese sentiment even without voice chat in the original, and I can only imagine a scenario is which certain hot-headed Americans (say) find themselves matched successively to otherwise all Japanese teams and completely lose their minds. Even with 2 Americans and 2 Japanese players, you'd still just have people screaming over each other's voices incessantly.

It'd just be a mess.

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