Topic: What are the great things about the Nintendo Switch

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This guy sounds more like a troll than someone honestly asking about the system.

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@DarthMarth, then your fine with Xbox and PS4 prices not to mention the games for those system as well. So the tax side is just a cheap shot. Anything digital is always far less the physical game itself so your over hyping from all the hyperventilation here. Nintendo has a innovator streak and risk taker and you can see from all those software developers whom popo that Nintendo wouldn't make and now guess what they are now doing a 180 degree. I say to this they always were innovator and now we know whom is the Leader and follower. eShop has brought the power of small develpers into the main stream and that has caught the attention of major software developers of some whom now are making the eShop into Physical. Usually eShop stays eShop but for the NS that has all but changed that. It's now xbox/ps4 power house but then again can you take and play either of those on the go, No?
1. It's portable neither xbox/ps4 can claim that
2. Storage for eShop on the go and play
3. Portable to HDTV
4. HDTV to Portable
5. Self or Family entertainment
6. Expandable NS 8 network unit of which if Mario Kart 8 is 8 NS and 32 controllers for a Mario Wheeler-try that with xbox or ps4
7. Price more then affordable compared to xbox and ps4
8. eShop and or Physical your choice
9. Region Free
10. Too many accessories or NS travel case and more
11. Nephew and Nieces gets easily addicted including Adults
12. Joy-Con(s) or Pro Controller(s) take your medicine... I got 2 Joy-Cons and 4 Pro controllers
13. EASILY STOLEN....'s too hot if you leave it around in Public area.....

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@SwitchForce Thats just incorrect. The digital pricing is nearly ALWAYS more expensive than physical. A quick look on amazon shows that Doom is currently £40 physical however usually the digital price is £50 (currently theres a sale on making it 17 pounds cheaper however lets be honest, you download doom and its gonna mean buying an SD card to fit all of it and the multiplayer portion which is more than the £17 discount).

I'm perfectly happy to pay £40-£50 for a new game, i'm less happy about shelling out £50-£60 for a game from a previous generation.



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