Topic: Wargroove and FAST DMX = no need for Advance Wars/F-Zero?

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So both of these titles are obviously paying homage to Nintendo 1st party software and this is marvelous, that indie studio's are inspired to build their own spin of games they've played and loved in the past is a wonderful compliment to the original games.

However, is this a method of using 3rd parties to plug the gaps in fans expectations? The Advance Wars and F-Zero series havn't had new entries since Dual Strike and F-Zero GX and to be honest... do we miss them that much? Is it sufficient to just have these homages?

Personally I don't mind Nintendo leaving some of their top draw licenses to the side if it means they can wait until a truly novel concept comes along for it. I remember reading that Miyamoto waits for the technology and a great new idea to come before modeling an IP around it. Therefore its a possibility that they wish to use these licenses only when a new original idea justifies rolling the series out again.

However, the production value for FAST are really rather high and seems to inherit the soul of F-Zero. Wargroove has me truly reminiscent of Advance Wars and smiling like a fool... I'm really quite excited and complacent with these games and frankly, where can Advance wars or F-Zero go from here? It seems AW has been completely superseded by Fire Emblem and what will a new entry of F-Zero be able to give us beyond higher production values over the already (still) brilliant F-Zero GX?.

This wasn't intended as a downer, I would absolutely love to see these licenses reborn with a novel idea in afew years time and optimistic it will happen, but patience is a virtue... if these indie title reignite interest they're respective inspired IP's (and thus the attention of Nintendo) then i'd be overjoyed.

So what other games can you think of that questions the need for 1st party updates to the series?
Does Axiom Verge for example negate the need for 2D Metroid or simply whet our appetite for the real thing?

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Andyv01 wrote:

I remember reading that Miyamoto waits for the technology and a great new idea to come before modeling an IP around it. Therefore its a possibility that they wish to use these licenses only when a new original idea justifies rolling the series out again.

Meanwhile they churned out a bunch of 2D Mario games that had little to no new ideas either. It's just PR talk for ''they don't make enough money''.



I doubt it. I mean...Wargroove definitely looks like a medieval flavored Advance Wars at first glance but we'll have to see if it's campaigns hold your attention as well as the AW games' did (imo) and how much they borrowed from the series.

FAST is definitely more its own thing than a "different F-Zero" tho. It's probably more or less as hard, but it does a couple things that set it apart like the whole switch gimmick (which is a pretty funny coincidence in retrospect) and I feel like the tracks have a different feel to how they're designed as well. I'm going off 10+ yearold memories here tho. It's been forever since I played GX and you cab hardly compare F-Zero on the SNES to its later entries or FAST lol

That said I'm sure the hardcore F-Zero nuts on here can tell you more in depth what sets FAST and F-Zero apart tho.

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TBH I would be happy to see Nintendo only use the "Non Core" IP every other console.

lets face it they have enough to do so!

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mav-i-am wrote:

TBH I would be happy to see Nintendo only use the "Non Core" IP every other console.

I'd agree with you there... only release a game for it once every other console but then take the time to make it something we'll fondly remember until the next one.

On the other hand, Starfox and Chibi-robot tanked big style, give the IP's afew years as a chance to recover! xD

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I have to say that if Nintendo won't give us another Advance Wars game, then I'm happy that somebody else will. Wargroove looks like it will fill the gap nicely.

I've actually backed two failed KickStarters for Advance Wars type games; Fantasy Conquest Tactics -


Tiny Metal -

Looks like there is limited interest for these type of games

At least Tiny Metal is still due to arrive on the PS4.

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No! At no point would one game existing negate the value of another game, just because it does something kind of similar to it. Believe me, we would have a tiny fraction of the games we have now, if that were the case. And no, I'm not just talking about the cheap knock-offs (granted, Wargroove and FAST DMX would be the knock-offs, anyways).

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I wouldn't have any problems with the Fast Racing games replacing F-Zero, they have been looking amazing. As for Advance Wars Nintendo really has a lot to work with, and could really make the series evolve with sharper graphics, more vehicles and characters, and HD battle animations. I really want to finish the first Advance Wars on the Switch if it ever comes to the eShop.



I don't think FAST comes close enough to F-Zero in terms of controlability and track design, and is completely lacking human characters. Also the gameplay that depends on collecting orbs is too much of its own kind, so for me it's not a substitute.

I don't know much about Wargroove but this will have a hard time (any game will have a hard time) especially in stage design, to come close in quality to the Advance Wars series.


So, these indies are no substitute for the real thing but... I wonder if Nintendo decided to support them thinking "we have no plans to make a new game in that series right now so go ahead!". It alleviates pressure on Nin to make a new one?

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If Nintendo gave them the chance to make an Advance Wars or F-Zero game, then I might agree. :V

Just in terms of personality, those properties have personality that are very different and specific differences in gameplay that are not in these games. In the same way that no matter what Yacht Club or Inticreates does, I still want a new, actual Megaman game.

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