Topic: Upgrading from Wii with kids. Switch or WiiU?

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Thanks guys. Lots to think about, and I feel like at least I have a better grasp on it! I think current plan is to go for the switch either now then, or wait and grab one in a couple months after we've finished through the remainder of our Wii games.



The Wii U is done. So look at the library of games it has and if you aren't fully happy, don't even consider it.

I would say overwhelmingly, Switch. If already has a great library of games and many more on the way. It will keep you and your kids happy for several years to come.

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Get the Switch. There will be more games coming to it and you can bring it on car trips and train rides. You will regret your WiiU purchase since like others said it is a dead console and soon you kids will start asking you for a Switch anyway since thats what their friends will have.



For many of the reasons mentioned here I am leaning towards the Switch however you will have to be careful with young children. Whilst the controllers will be fine (you can get some decent affordable 3rd party controllers that aren't too expensive) inloke the Gamepad which if broken will be a costly repair job or replacement; if they manage to take the Switch out and damage that then there is potential for trouble.

Whilst I do like my Wii U it is a "dead system" and its best days are behind us. There are several great games for kids but honestly, equivalent games are either already out for the Switch or on their way.

Plus you can always pick up Blazing Star and start "training them up".



SKTTR wrote:

There are 4 LEGO games on Switch so far:
LEGO City Undercover
LEGO Worlds
LEGO The Ninjago Movie Videogame
LEGO Marvel Super Heroes 2
and other "kids" games like Mario, Minecraft, Yoshi&Kirby soon, Cars 3: Driven to Win, Poi Explorer Edition, Ben 10, Cartoon Network Battle Crashers, Party Planet, DOOM, etc.

IF ANYONE SAW IT... Just look at the last game of the list



I'm sure she's grateful for you pointing that out. She might have been confused. I suspect she's dealt with it though.

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