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After ea's press conference i can't help but ask the question why unravel 2 isn't on switch. It would be the perfect fit with the split joy con. Anyone else feel this way?



Surprised no one is really talking about the Switch port that released today. Great puzzle platformer so far plus you have an option between a performance mode (60 FPS/720p) and a graphics mode (30fps/900p), it only affects docked mode and not portable mode with it being stuck at 30fps/720p. But it still looks good no matter the mode.

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@Galarian_Lassie got the game a couple hours ago. It’s a very solid port. I recommend it for sure.



They released it too late and unfortunatly after the indi direct as well. I still want to get it but April has a lot of other great games so I don't know when...



It's Unravel Two, not Unravel 2.
Unravel 2 sounds like a sequel to this. But a sequel would be called Unravel Two 2, or if they add another player Unravel Three.


My import physical copy from Amazon UK just arrived, and I’ve spent about an hour or so playing the early game.

I am seriously impressed with Unravel Two. This game looks absolutely stunning on Switch, and it’s gameplay mechanics are tight and responsive, and it’s just fun tying knots and bridges and swinging and puzzle solving... the atmosphere and music really sells it. Speaking of which, the music is so good in this game.

Indie games of this level of quality are rare. I can’t believe how many good games I play that so few talk about.

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