Topic: Unlocking new fighters in Smash soon becomes brutally hard

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LetsGoSwitch wrote:

Just testing spoilers World of light is good. Don't look in there, it's classified information

I'm just testing more stuff



Oof. I tried and it didn't work. Sorry! I'm using mobile so that might be the case.

Nice >:]

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@MysticGengar I am using mobile as well, I think you accidentally deleted the first command bracket and what you were actually trying to put in the tag.

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@NEStalgia One of my sons used to main Yoshi, not sure if that's changed recently. His robotics team is hosting a tournament Friday night - Wii U version - but as he's part of the group hosting it I dont' think he's allowed to play, just sell raffle tickets to make a few $. I can't even recall who I used to play as, it's been so long since I skipped it on Wii U due to the save file issue. Now I'm old and just collect amiibo.

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rjejr wrote:

@Agriculture I bought the wolf amiibo just to use him as a sidekick in the game. Well ok, it's one of the best looking amiibo, so it looks good on my amiibo shelf, but I've just always had a thing about playing games w/ a pet or sidekick, probably due to too many RPG. He SHOULD have been included in the game though, it's a great feature. At the very least the wolf should have been included in the DLC season pass, which I spent $20 on JUST to get an invisible line on the map turned green so I could see it. I got stuck on Champions Ballad just getting past the 1 hit kill section so I never played it again, so it does feel like I spent $20 on a green line that should have been included in the game for free from the start. Wolf amiibo for $15 was a better purchase than making an invisible line green for $20, so amiibo aren't the worst, just 2nd worst.

The whole BotW dlc season felt like a ripoff to be honest. They should have added a new area like Skyrim did with the Dragonborn dlc.



@rjejr I'm open to new mains, but Yoshi is just familiar. I still hate his egg roll though (shrimp?) I always roll off the stage Oh come on, Brawl wasn't that long ago that you can't remember your main

You'll get suckered in eventually Also, you know you're the only person buying Amiibo still, right? Squishy Metroid was kind of my last



@NEStalgia I like how they made Yoshi's egg throw more useful this time around.

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@ReaderRagfish Yoshi's egg throw was always useful. What's more fun than arc based egg spam over a ledge when an enemy is trying to recover?



Up to 54 fighters unlocked.

I gotta be honest here, it’s not that bad as it may have seemed. Have definitely been making steady progress in the 72 hours post launch. Only 22 fighters left or something like that. Which really isn’t that many. At this rate I should have them all within the next week. Couple a day, even if I lose a few... The important thing is progress is being made.

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