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Off the top of my head

Sky Rogue
Steredenn: Binary Stars
Rogue Aces
Riptide Renegade GP
Layers of Fear
Omega Fighter - fantastic Arcade Archives shmup
The Messenger - not really under rated but it deserves a good run in the top 2 or 3 positions in the charts like Hollow Knight and Dead Cells had. Fantastic platformer and a better game than Shovel Knight in my opinion.

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Brawlout. It gets branded as a smash clone but give it a chance its actually a fun game. Good time waster to play in between long games.


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Cities Skylines. As Nintendolife gave it an atrocious review... But in reality it's an addictive and extremely fun city builder. One of the best of the genre.

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I don’t know if this would be considered underrated, as the game is highly-acclaimed, but Bastion is a tiny masterpiece. It probably slipped under many folks’ radar due to being an older indie title.

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Now, L.A. Noire is definitely at the top of (my) list, just completely "under"-EVERYTHING !!!, it has been harshly reviewed, but mostly by people who haven't even played the game and/or knowingly played a game type they already don't like, if you hate first person shooters, even if you are the universe's biggest Uber Metroid-phile, you will still hate Prime 4, same here, I notice most reviews are biased against this type of game, I didn't even want to look qt it at first, heck, it was $20 new and has lots of negative comments, why would I waste my time ??? but I got a $15 gift card and wanted a new game and said why not, now I can't stop playing it, I'm not going to go into detail here, but I would have paid $40 for it.

another "Under-victim" is Axiom Verge, I'm not usually fond of clones, but this one was just so damn fun and well done, I think I've replayed 3-4 just this year

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I agree with what you said about LA noire. Awesome game. Got compared way too much to GTA which let it down even though it's really not meant to be an open world game. I loved and finished the game earlier this year and I skipped 90% of the driving so that I could still hear the important banter in the car and get to the missions.

From memory it ALMOST overstayed it's welcome towards the start of the third act, but by the time it all wraps up everything needed to be where it was for the pieces of the game to fall into place.

It was also another case of me much prefering the Switch version. I bought the game on PS3 last year for $5 and couldn't be bothered playing much further past the tutorial mission. On Switch I couldn't put it down.



I think Streets of Red doesn't get much love. Simple amazing, addictive fun. Best use of rogue like mechanics imo.



Darkest Dungeon, World Conqueror X are underappreciated games......also in my opinion Hollow Knight is also lacking the love it deserves.

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A game that was released a few weeks ago for Switch and I think it was not mentioned on this website is Freedom Planet, originally released for Windows in 2014. So this would be in the "under radar" category.



Doughlings Arcade. This is an Arkanoid like and I'm very surprised by the game. Very addicting.



Wulverblade is excellent, brutal but fair.



@StephanDLW The music in the trailer sells it on its own, but it looks good too. Its on my watch list now.

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@StephanDLW Controls look very floaty, but otherwise I like what I'm seeing. I'll keep an eye on this.




Gonner: A semi-rougelike adventure with a stunning and unique style (the levels literally seem to draw themselves into existence as you go through them), a variety of interesting weapons and tools to unlock and use, and a set of increasingly challenging levels to tackle. The difficulty curve is quite fair, though, and it wasn't too awful long before I was consistently seeing the final boss in each run. There's a very large emphasis on skill, and almost none on luck. Also quite cheap, especially if you nab it on sale.

Detention: A creepy and surprisingly emotionally affecting horror story set in the midst of cultural and political upheaval in 1960's Taiwan. Gameplay-wise, it's very much a standard indie adventure game (one that involves wandering around, finding items, running from enemies, and completing puzzles), but the disturbing presentation and multi-faceted story make this worth getting.



Super Bomberman R - It wasn't much to look at during launch, but I still liked it and the updates made a huge difference on the product, similarly to Spla2oon and ARMS.

Puyo Puyo Tetris - Seems to be ignored, honestly. As a Tetris fan, this amazed me after Ubisoft's lackluster take on it in 2014 (Tetris Ultimate) and it solidified my fanaticism for Puyo Puyo.

Mighty Gunvolt Burst - Mega Man 11 is just right around the corner, but this one was just as good and the weapon customization system made it extremely replayable for me.

Fate/Extella: The Umbral Star - It may be "niche" in many areas, but I enjoyed it for what it was, even though Hyrule Warriors Switch has pretty much "replaced" it for me. I even enjoyed it more than Fire Emblem Warriors.

Dragon Quest Builders - A more single-player focused Minecraft with streamlined elements to make it fun for me.

Kirby Star Allies - In most cases, a love letter to the Super Star formula, along with a MUCH BETTER Mix Ability system and the revival of the three-CPU Helper system from the cancelled Kirby GCN game. It isn't my absolute favorite in the series, but it is much better than the crowd makes it out to be.

Mario Tennis Aces - After 14 years of waiting for the series to get back on its feet, Mario Tennis Aces plows through the dark clouds of the 3DS and Wii U days to remind me of why I liked Mario Tennis. It rids the RNG factor in favor of a gimmick that actually works and like Super Bomberman R, the updates make a huge difference in this "barebones" game.

Touhou Genso Wanderer Reloaded - Possibly my favorite Touhou game of all time and my favorite Mystery Dungeon clone.



Vostok Inc. (Nosebleed Interactive) The physical version is just 24.99€. It's much less on the eShop though.

The twinstick shooter parts turn to bullet hell territory when you level up, buy some new weapons, or warp to new solar systems. Every area has a new race of alien or enemy in many different and surprising forms and attack patterns, so it's best to avoid most contacts and buy some upgrades first (the laser weapon and booster packs are essential).

You won't get far if you don't colonise planets with different kinds of factories and buildings and farm the money to buy more buildings, upgrades, and ship enhancements. Buy a collector on every planet so the earnings can flow directly into your pockets, even when you're flying through space discovering new things.

You can also pick up workers (they can be seen on the radar popping up somewhere if you have upgraded it). They automatically get a room on your ship. Keep them happy with food, water, and presents to get a %-bonus on your earned gold. These workers have their own tamagotchi-themed minigames which is a nice touch. It saves one highscore per game, and allows you to gain food and presents for your workers.

The story is fun. I like the contact messages between the main character and the intruders, aliens, etc. And when you die, you still get a chance to get to the homebase with your life pod where you can recover everything and upgrade your stuff. And if you cannot reach it, you lose half your money. Which isn't a big deal, since you're always spending the money (hopefully). It would be bad if you save up money and then die.

The graphics are clean, well-designed, and fluid. There are no loading times. Every area has its own interactive piece of spacey synth music that changes depending on the situation. You can even find new songs and mix them like a dj. The presentation is neat and the game seems remarkably polished.

There are at least 8 solar systems, hundreds of upgrades and thousands(!) of achievements. Yeah, it's true you can scroll down a wall of achievements and at first it seems there is no end to it.

Good game, glad I picked it up!

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Dunno how much attention yoku’s island express gets, but that gane is great and seems to apply.



+1 for Yoku, that game was a lot of fun!

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