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Been on holiday and been picking up a lot of physical Switch games because I can and wondering what games (physical or not) do you think have flown under the radar?

Some of the titles I've found that may fit that bill (based on review scores vs. hype) are Ittle Dew 2, The End is Nigh and de Blob.

Yet to play any as I don't have my switch with me, but am looking forward to it!



As an rpg fan, Battle Chasers has been the most pleasant surprise of the year. I'd still rank South Park FBW and Xenoblade Chronicles 2 above it in the genre. But I'd wager that the budget for those games were well above what was spent on Battle Chasers. Definitely a top-five tunbased rpg here as we sit, a year and a half into the Switch's life.

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I picked up Battle Chasers a couple days ago actually
Good to hear as I was a bit sceptical not knowing much about it. Does it run well?



One of my favourite puzzle games on Switch is Levels+. Very simple but addictive.

Super One More Jump is another game I love that I feel is underrated.

Adventure Pals is one of my favourite 2D platformers on a system blessed with such titles.

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My vote is for Darkest Dungeon. Turnbased roguelite with a wicked sense of humor and a lot of style.

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Portal Knights.
The game actually really great, on year 2016, it rewarded as Best PC games (Steam version).
But too bad, not many peoples here know about Portal Knights due to being overshadowed by Minecraft & Dragon Quest Builder popularity.

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Coach_A wrote:

I picked up Battle Chasers a couple days ago actually
Good to hear as I was a bit sceptical not knowing much about it. Does it run well?

Fairly well. I didn't experience any crashes to the dashboard that plagued the game early on for other platforms. However, loading wait bars for entering combat are frequent. It isn't a deal breaker (imo), but I know it has turned some folks off from the game.

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I quite enjoyed Sky Gamblers: Storm Raiders. WWII centric dog fighter.

It managed to scrape it's way into the top 30 games on the Japanese eShop for a couple days, but it hasn't seemed to find such success on the western side of things (and NL hasn't even reviewed it yet).

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I’ve never really heard anyone else play it, but I looove Human Resource Manager. In all fairness, it’s because I do a lot of SQL coding at work and I think I secretly despise myself. That said, if you like BASIC style coding, it’s a fun game.

I like Letter Quest, too.


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My vote goes to West of Loathing! I still haven't picked it up again on Switch (has picked it up on Steam), but it's definitely one of the best slapstick, comedy, black and white game I ever played.



Yeah It's a lot of fun. The writing is hilarious. The battle system is extremely simple, but I don't mind that.

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It might just be me, but I would say Uno. It's a solid game and rather enjoyable to play either solo, online, or via local multiplayer. But it's easy to disregard since it's 'just' a faithful video game adaptation of playing the card game.


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@Magician @Coach_A I enjoyed BattleChasers and the regular loading screens aren't to severe but in terms of gameplay and design i can't help but feel Airship Syndicate could make a much better game. I think they have a lot of potential as a team and that there next game will be incredible.



I dont follow meta scores I always need to form the judgement myself so I dont really know what is under rated but I love Tiny Barbarian! it came out of nowhere n blew me away with its tight controls/chip tunes/level design n awesome retro homage to R E Howards Conan. Even the cover art was just total kick ass. Was never released in Australia so its under the radar over here..



Guns, Gore and Cannoli is a great game. Full of action and terribly fun. I can't wait to get my hands on the sequel.

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If you want a nice, short game, Kamiko when that goes on sale for like $2 is always a good option. It's very, VERY short at like 30-60 minutes per playthrough, but with three characters you'll get your money's worth. It can be repetitive, but the game is over before you start to feel worn out.

It's that perfect game to play on the toilet or before bed.

In terms of physical releases though? Totally different story. For that though, I'd probably tell you to look up Sushi Strikers. It's the only first-party game on Switch that bombed financially (which sucks but whatever) and it has a demo. I hear it's actually good, but I never tried it personally.

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@HobbitGamer I'll second Human Resource Machine - it's one of the best puzzle games I've ever played. Really forced me to use my brain, and had me thinking about the puzzles and coming up with solutions even while not playing the game. Admittedly, I played it on mobile rather than Switch, but it's one of those rare games that is superb no matter what format you play it on.

Think most of my games are pretty mainstream, with the possible exception of Toki Tori 2+, which is another absolutely top-class puzzle game. It's tough as nails, and doesn't hold your hand in the slightest, leaving it entirely up to the player to work out how to progress. Just keep experimenting, stay away from walkthroughs, and it's as rewarding as any game I've played on the Switch - it's almost up there with beating Knightmare King Grimm on Hollow Knight!

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Fe - I loved it, the visuals were amazing, controls took a bit of time to get the hang of, but on the whole the subtle storyline was really good (if not obvious before the final reveal).

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@Coach_A I loved Disgaea 5 Complete on the Switch and it remains one of my most played games on the system in terms of play hours. Great title all around. Disgaea 1 complete, a remake/remaster of the first game in the series is coming out on Switch as well next month as well.

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+1 for Guns, Gore and Cannoli. Will be grabbing the sequel soon as I finish the first.

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