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...I've been seeing a commonly appearing third-party (un-branded) alternative Joy-Con set on Ebay ("red and blue" available, "black" out-of-stock) ...they have, what appears to be, the same docking rail as the original NS ones and are listed as having Bluetooth and "rumble" capabilities ...I'm wondering a few things: has anyone tried these out? they work as expected? ...did you happen to open them to see if they, or more specifically, their internal electronics are compatible with replacement shells?

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Why don't you provide the actual link instead of a Screenshot. What are you so afraid of here?



Why do you only post vaguely aggressive remarks?

If they don't want to come off as a spammer just wanting to advertise the controllers, it's entirely acceptable to post a link to a picture of them.

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Yeah I don’t know either.

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@SwitchForce ...this item is available from multiple sellers on Ebay (...I'd say 1 to 4 on every page of search results) ...if you aren't familiar with the item, then you likely haven't purchased it ...and, in turn, you can't provide the information I was hoping to gather. Thank you for your reply, though. Please, if you do end up purchasing the item (...from any of the multiple auctions in which it's available), let me know I am still interested in it as a less expensive alternative to the standard Joy-Con (...especially for modding!), but I am apprehensive of buying them if only to find out that they are s#yte. This is why I'm asking the community before making the purchase myself ...Someone out there must have tried these as the "black" ones are always listed as "out of stock"
...I'm sure, if I don't hear from anyone in too much time, I will eventually try them out for myself and post my own feedback here ...but would like to hear if someone who, from personal experience, feels it is a bad purchase ...or not.
Thanks, again!



...OK, cool ...just saw the article here on Nintendolife yesterday:

...the article itself, although it included the "unbranded" Joy-Con that I mentioned here in its thumbnail, didn't actually review them ...actually, it just went on to mention other (...mostly 2nd and 3rd party) legitimate "branded" Switch controllers that most of us already knew about.
...luckily, though, I happened to go through the comments on the article mentioned above! ...thank you to user "baller98"! ...the user simply mentioned that, "Kevin Kenson did a review on those...", and that review on YouTube, from just a day-ago, (...along with another from a month ago) was exactly what I was looking for!, after watching the newest video, I still only wonder a few things ...KK is demoing a Right-Blue & Left-Red set ( opposed to the Right-Red & Left-Blue pictured in almost every eBay auction), has anyone gotten the inverse set to the one KK demos? ...has anyone gotten both sets? ...if so, do they (Red to Red/Blue to Blue) match each other? ...has anyone ever gotten the Black set, which is always listed "out of stock"?
...I may never get these last few questions answered, but now, I can make a more-informed purchase! ...Thanks Kevin Kenson and "baller98" for leading me to him!



@Morpheel and whom made you the MOD if one post a story providing links is part of the story for others to dig into about it. So if you don't like it don't post or be someone else's mouthpiece. They can speak for themselves.



I wouldn’t bother with junk from eBay. Especial with controllers.



I have the wide ones, they work only in bluetooth mode (no connectors on the rails), but i really like them, they arevery comfortable (for my average hands)

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...I just picked up a pair of black ones on eBay (...there's finally an option to red/blue & blue/red ones) ...they're fine enough (especially at the price) ...they paired with my Switch just as any original Joy-Con do and they work attached or unattached ...although, I still can't figure out how you're supposed to update them ...I hooked them up to my computer with the USB cable but there's no interface software ...they just show up as being connected ...couldn't find any help online either (...though, I did find the manufacturer makes them in more of the colors of the regular Nintendo Joy-Con controls, including yellow/yellow, pink/green, green/pink, & even Pikachu/Eevee colors ...just have to wait for some distributor to pick 'em up and put them out for sale) ...aside, I did see that they are also now available on Amazon from seller named Skywin (...though they're marked up in price $10 to $15) ...when I get a chance, I'll open them up a see what mod-ing potential they might have.



Keep in mind these are cheap alternatives. I doubt they have much potential

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