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I'm looking for something with turn based combat that I could play in short bursts on the train or on a lunch break but still has a good story for when I play longer sessions at home.

Looking at the store atm on the indie side of things I'm looking at Brave Dungeon or Revenant Saga, and full price physical my options seem to be disgaea and mario + rabids.

I saw darkest dungeon is coming to switch and I can't wait for that but there's no date on that one yet.

Anything else I've missed? Got any recommendations?



I am Setsuna, maybe? I think that is a turn based RPG.

I don’t think the Switch has much of those at the moment, though.

I have a chronic lack of time, for everything.

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Battle Chasers Nightwar isn't too far away I think.

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I Am Setsuna is your best option. Itsa great game and my fave Switch launch title. I'd suggest buying the japanese physical version as its physical and has english language options.

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@Luna_110 @Samus7Killer I've already done absolutely everything I can in I am setsuna on ps4. It was really good and I looking forward to lost sphear.

@GrailUK I did not know battle chasers was coming out on switch. It's on my watch list on ps4 but I might grab it on switch instead.

@Inertiacreep I see there's a lot on the way but I wanted something sooner than later. I might just stick with the octopath demo for now. There's still stuff in that I haven't seen in that.



@cadaver138 I know, but thing is, there are literally almost no options currently lol... but from what you said youre looking for, that Battle Chasers sounds perfect for you. the switch release got delayed but eshop says fall 2017 so it should still come out this year.



You already had a good look at what's available.

Disgaea 5 Complete might be the best choice, as you can play this game like forever. In short bursts, or for hours. There's something for everyone. And the story is also fun. The game is super deep though. After 50+ hours I still don't get the hang of everything, but that doesn't get into the way of making progress.

Mario + Rabbids feels a tad short, the game ends after 20-30 hours where Disgaea actually begins. I thought the writing was lame (probably because of the Rabbids' silliness), but the battles are actually pretty well designed.

Revenant Saga is something I wanna pick up as well, because I have very good experience with any JRPG that Kemco + Exe-Create released so far on Nintendo. I just love the old school JRPGs from SNES / PS1 / Dreamcast era. It's like returning back in time to get a good nostalgia flash. Their games also have all the microtransactions / DLC (from the mobile versions) for free in the Nintendo versions. I'll save Revenant Saga for later since I'm still paying Disgaea, and get Skyrim and Xeno2 soon.

Brave Dungeon looks like a nice time waster. That game has actually a lot of fans. So it definately fills a niche. I keep this on my wishlist.

Battle Chasers Nightwar is one that grew on me over time. I already have Sine Mora EX and preordered This Is The Police, so maybe I go full on out on THQ Nordic's releases and get Battle Chasers as well.

Moon Hunters seems to be another one good one with a classic feel that got recently released.


@SKTTR I've downloaded the disgaea demo to give that a go. I'm gonna hold off buying anything until the sale starts tomorrow.
This is the police is good, I got it in a sale on psn. It is actually probably better suited to switch. I might double dip if it gets discounted as a haven't played too much of it yet.



@Samus7Killer it's on my switch news feed. Halloween sale starting 24/10
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@RichKK oh yeah, I heard about that one. And crazy that it's a Sony company publishing it. I'll add it to the ever growing list



Wargroove is also inbound - it's more TBS than TBRPG though. It (like Tiny Metal) is an Advance Wars/Fire Emblem type game.



Nights of Azure 2 just released. I got my collectors addition in the mail today and the box is the exact same size as the Disgaea 5 CE, and the hard cover art book is the exact same size as well. It makes for a fantastic matching set.

The game is good, too. Reminds me of Tales of Berseria a lot, only with combos resembling that of Fire Emblem Warriors ( not as smooth obviously and in an RPG setting too).

I don't really see anyone talking about this game- I thought there were a lot more JRPG fans and turn based RPG fans.

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@JaxonH this game doesnt look like a must play to me.. i am literally dying waiting for xenoblade 2 so i just dont have time to fit this in before dec 1st.. but i agree, more people should be playing it.



Nights of Azure 2 is turnbased?? I thought it's a musou game?

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SKTTR wrote:

Nights of Azure 2 is turnbased?? I thought it's a musou game?

its neither of those, its an action rpg. Think Nier Automata

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