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Hey guys, didn't see a thread for the remake. Figured I'd start one as it was one of my most hyped games from e3. One thing that concerned me was on Amazon it listed the remake as digital only. Surely it'll be physical, i hope. Any updates for the game let's put them here 😊



Haven't watched Treehouse footage yet, but the trailer looked cool. It'll probably be one I pick up on PS4 though, unless they (unlikely) censor some aspect of it on that platform.

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If it has the Switch version in physical, i will always choose the Switch version.

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CanisWolfred wrote:

That's probably because most of the discussion wound up on the Mana (Seiken Densetsu) Fan Thread, where we also could talk about the collection and other games in the franchise.

Not that a dedicated thread is a bad thing, I'm just giving context.

Shoot sorry about that. I typed in trials of mana on the search tab and nothing came up, I was hoping something mana would be a hit but I didn't see anything so i figured there was nothing there.



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