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Don't know if anyone plays Fire Emblem Heroes, they're going to have some Tokyo Mirage Sessions characters appear as heroes. From the sound of it, they gave Ellie, Kiria, Mamori, and Tsubasa English voiceover work for this.



An important point that the NintendoLife review did not mention - did that person even play the WiiU game?

The WiiU port suffered from framerate slowdowns and long load times. The Switch port supposedly has fixed this basically by being better hardware. A very important point that many people would want to know.



I'm on board. Its a Atlus jrpg so gameplay is a blast even though I've never been that big a fan of the Jpop and anime stuff. As far as censorship what was censored was so minor and trivial it doesn't bother me too much. The only exception is the whole dungeon whose theme "modeling' was butchered to censor it. I mean how could anyone be upset about cartoon characters in swimsuits its not like it was detailed or anything. Just make the ages of all the characters older and problem solved. As far as one of the bosses it's hilarious that her breasts are censored in the game by a dark cloud, but still uncensored in the cutscenes. Even that change was trivial. Game still would have gotten a rating for everyone without it.

I'm just crossing my fingers SMT V isn't censored when it finally is released.



You censor your game and you see what happens, Nintendo.

Yaaaa I'm just kidding! The Switch is as hot as the Earth's molten core, of course Tokyo Mirage Sessions is selling like hotcakes.

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