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Hello people,

I made a topic a while back asking for opinions on what game Is should buy Hollow Knight or Steamworld Dig 2?

I got a lot of responses but majority said Hollow Knight and I got Hollow Knight

Thank you to all the people who recommended me because i love this game

  • I love the challenge
  • The graphics
  • Such a big game for 10.99
  • So much to do
  • Amazing bosses
  • Awesome abilities

Thank you people. I am now a fan of metroidvanias!



@Adnanilyas21 Glad you like it, but careful calling yourself a fan of Metroivanias just because of it. Without being anything like an expert on the subject (I am the exact opposite in fact), Hollow Knight is one of the very best examples of the genre - it's very accessible at the start, controls very well, and has a fantastic visual and sound design. They're not all as good as that.

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Alright... but we don't need a new thread for this.

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