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I do have a demo code for this game for being a Project Phoenix backer (go ahead laugh XD).

Still haven't tried it though.



How come Project Phoenix backers got a demo, but Tiny Metal backers didn't? That's kind of strange.

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Sorry for double post, but new email from the Tiny Metal team and PC demo.

Tiny Metal Team wrote:

To all allied forces of Artemisia,

This is Second Lieutenant Nathan Gries of the Artemisian First.
We will finally be launching our all out attack on the 21st of December 2017. We will going through the PS4, Nintendo Switch, and Steam routes!

The Artemisian First needs you to contribute to the war effort and drive back the invaders. Special thanks to all of you who have supported our war efforts thus far, the road has been long and hard, and we would like to take this opportunity to thank all of our troops on the front lines.

Here is the secret code to our operation! Feel free to spread the word, stream it on the web and talk about it with your friends and family. Of course, please leave us a comment.

Download demo here -

Second Lieutenant Nathan Gries

Transmission ends...

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Pretty honest interview, although this isn't going to look good PR-wise.

What has been the biggest obstacle for Project Phoenix?
Hiroyuki Yura, Director/Producer: We could actually deliver with a bit more programming, but the fact is, if you read my updates, we aren’t happy with what Airborne Studios (an art outsourcing company used by CIA) delivered. We aren’t happy at all, it looks too cheaply made.

Tiny Metal is about to launch. What was its biggest obstacle during development?
Hiroyuki Yura: We wanted to have multiplayer on release in Tiny Metal, but we couldn’t so we’re going to put it in a free patch a few months afterwards. To me a game is done, when we have multiplayer. This is a situation I don’t like.

If Tiny Metal doesn’t live up to your standards why are you releasing it now?
Hiroyuki Yura: Well, we have a relationship with our publisher, Sony, and we have our promises with our investors. That’s why we need to put it out.

How do you feel about the relationship to the Project Phoenix backers? Aren’t the backers similar to investors, to some extent?
Hiroyuki Yura: Not really, they are not investing. Another thing, what is not acceptable is we have not delivered what the artists wanted. They are lending me their name and their strength and I need to make sure I deliver on the part they want it to be portrayed.

I used to be a violinist. And if someone is selling a CD of my performance, I expect it to be properly mixed, properly recorded, I have proper arrangements, and I have music. If these criteria are not met, I will be very angry and say this is horrible you haven’t prepared anything. It’s the same thing with this. We felt, although we did our best with Airborne, it’s not their fault. In terms of the pipeline, it’s nobody’s fault. It’s my fault because I did not prepare enough money for that failure. I did not prepare enough time for that failure. I accept that. I would never blame the artists or the pipeline.

Look what happened to Inafune-san, he’s a friend by the way. We have lunch every few months. We talk about his experience with Mighty No. 9 and I talk about mine with Project Phoenix. He is regretting what happened because he got it done with the budget he had and a lot of people are disappointed. He didn’t deliver what he wanted to and is full of regret.

How many units of Tiny Metal need to sell to resurrect Project Phoenix?
Hiroyuki Yura: 150,000 units, worldwide on all consoles.

How reasonable is that goal?
Hiroyuki Yura: I think it is a lot of units.

What do you think is a reasonable amount of units for Tiny Metal to sell?
Hiroyuki Yura: Probably 50,000.

How many units do you think Tiny Metal will sell?
Hiroyuki Yura: Probably 100,000.

If you think you will be short 50,000 units, what do you plan to do next as a company?
Hiroyuki Yura: We don’t need to discuss our internal business decisions. There are a lot of things I can’t tell you about. What I can tell you, in general, is this is not the only thing we do. We have other jobs that will basically feed us. That 50,000 [units] would be nice to concentrate on this, but if we can’t do that we can do recordings. We can do other work. We can do programming work for other companies. If we make the right game we hope, it will sell. If we don’t, it won’t sell. Then it will be another challenge to get Project Phoenix’s budget.

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