Topic: The Nintendo Switch? More like the Nintendo Port U.

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@EvilLucario Probably the best part about that? Compared to the Wii U launch year, we've received more original Nintendo published titles, and that includes Art Academy: Sketchpad, Dr. Luigi, Game and Wario and SING Party. So... they've managed more original titles for Switch, while also porting over a number of amazing Wii U titles.

Technically, there's Snipperclips Plus, Yoshi (2018), Sushi Striker, Labo, and 1-2 Switch too for original Nintendo published titles on the Switch.



@EvilLucario Super Smash Bros will also more than likely just be a port of the Wii U and maybe the 3Ds version combined. So why do you think it is a new Smash?

I own a Wii U and a Switch, and now I wish I had waited to pickup a Switch for a Price drop in a few years since almost every game that is coming out for it is just another port of a Wii U game that I already own.



@mowerdude So far there is plenty of evidence that makes it very likely to be a new game (big CGI teaser, copyright at the end, Sakurai's statements about the team he's on working on it for years, no Wii U port was ever given the same treatment, other Wii U ports being made apparent and showing gameplay right from the start). I think you're just being a negative Nancy. It could be a port, but so far the chances of that are VERY doubtful. I DO think they should have just flat-out stated it was a new game right away rather then leaving us guessing, but that's besides the point.

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@mowerdude You do realize that Brawl was built by porting Melee and adding stuff, and Smash 4 was built by porting Brawl and adding stuff right? Besides, all signs pointed to development being underway before patches on Smash 4 finished based on the data in the last couple, as well as job hirings and interviews at the time. Given that it's been in development probably as long as Brawl and Smash 4 were... why would it be a port?



And besides, you don't call Splatoon 2 a port just because it's so similar to Splatoon 1, right?

Even if it WAS a Smash 4 DX, that's pretty much what a Smash 5 is already. And what Smash 4 was to Brawl. Add new content, build off what you had before... yeah.

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@Snaplocket @link3710 Weather it's a port of Smash 4 or a New game makes no difference to me because I am just not really in to Smash bros series, so I will pass on picking it up on release day. If I do pick it up it will have to be on sale for at least half price before I would even consider it. That's how much I care for Smash, but if Nintendo released a new Mario 2d platformer that would be a day on purchase for me.



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