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@Grumblevolcano Thank you for the info! I was hoping for frame rate improvements but I guess not unfortunately.



So I haven't gotten to BOTW yet, but when I do (and at the risk of asking an overly asked question), when should I download the DLC? Immediately or after beating the game or sometime in between?

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@kkslider5552000 Immediately, some of the contents of DLC pack 1 will be useful right away like Hero's Path.


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@kkslider5552000 @Grumblevolcano Disagree. I think the best way to play that game is to just go where the wind takes you. Only use the Pro HUD, and don't be in any rush to fill-in all the map areas.

Hero's Path is a great feature for them to add, but if you start using it from the start you'll lose the organic adventure that makes the game what it is loved for. That feature saves 200hrs of location data, so there's plenty of time.

I waited until after I'd completed the ultimate objective of the game before using Hero's Path, and I'm glad I did.

If your aim is just to complete everything as soon as possible then it will help you do that, but you'll be sacrificing a major element of the game's quality if you take that approach.

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@kkslider5552000 I'd say do most of the main story (and whatever sidequests you feel like doing, obviously) before you get into the DLC. You do not need any of it for a normal playthrough, and the meat of the DLC requires you to get a buch of important stuff and/or beat most of the big dungeons (you'll know how much you have to do once you play it, if you haven't been spoiled on those things yet)

And as "post-game" content that stuff is great, if you enjoyed what you've been doing in Breath of the Wild up to that point. There's some armor you can get right away with the DLC but almost all of it is outclassed entirely by other armor in the game and you can't even upgrade any of the DLC stuff which means you'll walk around with 1/4 of the defense you could (and sometimes should) have.

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thank you for the information. I'll probably do it post-game/right before end game based on this info.

Bioshock is 10 years old. Let's play through its horrific environment and see why its so beloved!
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Didn’t play BOTW for some time and gave it a one more try last night and... I got bored after one shrine and 30 min wondering around. Had It on Wii U and beated two beasts. Then I bought it for Switch and beaten two same beasts and then stop playing. Didn’t even get in castle just once. When I see guardians around I just lost interest.

Maybe there’s so much to do that I dont know what to do 😀. Kudos to people playing it for 200+ hours. I got more hours in Xenoblade 2 in a week then in BOTW over almost a year.

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The Bokoblins in this game are more difficult than the actual bosses, why do you do this Nintendo. Playing in Master Mode they're such damage sponges and the stupid durability system keeps on being my worst enemy.

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Nice try LOL

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This feeling of discovery is something ive never experienced before.

I'm finally not caring about going somewhere because the game put an icon and told me i should go, i'm going because i i saw something interesting and that could be fun and exciting to explore, the journey is by far the best part of this game.

That's besides the game being perfect.

And you know ? It's the first game i can remember that keeps me thinking about it and what other adventures i'm going to have or how to solve that one little shrine

Developers spend a lot of time creating these worlds, so it's obvious they might want you to see that one particular thing. But is this freedom of seeing what i want that makes it so good

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It's all good. I'm way over 100 hours in the game, and I've recently gotten back into it on Hero Mode (hard mode, whatever lol) for what I'm sure will be another 100+ hours. But see, a game like Xenoblade I would play for a couple hours, put down, and then never come back to. Just different preferences.

Though I still say BotW is NOT a Zelda game, and I hope we get an actual Zelda game on the Switch at some point <grumble grumble>.



Replaying this game for the first time and I'm having just as much fun as the first time. The DLC isn't really worth it though.

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Consider me relieved. Now they can hopefully refine their ideas for the next one



Good. I absolutely adore Breath of the Wild, but I'd always prefer they move on to making the next game in the series ASAP.

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Me personally, I was really hoping the Zelda team would make a Starfox Zero game.


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So, I'm making my way through the Champion's Ballad by visiting all of the places I've already been to do menial open world mini games that will only ever be available in that one specific location... Why wasn't this stuff in the main game and, like, everywhere? And why am I still doing random tasks in a world where nothing ever happens?

And for the love of Nayru, who thought it was a good idea to put all these bloody film grains over the reused content? It was annoying enough when the ugly brown 'history' filter was put over the flashbacks that were also very obviously taking place in the past. I've yet to make it to the supposed dungeon and probable glorified shrine / divine beast, and I've also yet to see what the point of this DLC even is. It just feels like random cut content from the main quest thrown together into a buyable form.

Also, it's well and good to show the champions doing cool things, but those were not the cutscenes Breath needed. For one, they only serve to demonstrate how — even upgraded — Link's version of the Champions' abilities is lacking. Or, in the case of Urbosa and Mipha, not the same ability in how you actually use it. They really should have showed the champions using those moves against the aspects of Ganon, then failing and dying. And that should have happened in the prologue of the main game, but it is of course a sailed ship at this point.

KirbyTheVampire wrote:

I hope they make a Zelda game next time.

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