Topic: The future of Nintendo - do you think Switch will continue to get the 'big' games?

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By that I mean the mainstream games that you'd traditionally never have seen on a Nintendo console, for marketing or simply due to hardware limitations - eg Dark Souls, Doom, etc.

The Switch is really setting a landmark for the future of Nintendo by showing that their consoles are more than just a family-targeted novelty. I think they're trying to appeal to more and more hardcore gamers by pushing developers to bring big titles. With luck, I think we'll start seeing major releases like Call of Duty and Battlefield launched with Nintendo versions.

The message from Nintendo seems to be that their consoles are more than just a way to play Mario/Zelda games, or a way for parents to entertain their kids with short-burst simple games like motion tennis or cartoon platformers.

Granted, performance compensations will always be present for big titles and that's fine. Being able to play both Nintendo-exclusive games as well as the mainstream foreign titles on the go, or with whatever other unique feature Nintendo brings to their consoles, is worth the graphical or performance downgrade.

The biggest giveaway is the Pro Controller. It feels so different to traditional Nintendo controllers and follows the winning formula of other gaming control pads. I can play my Switch all day without any strain on my wrists like I did with the N64 or Wii.

What are your thoughts? The hardware is there, Nintendo is almost definitely working with developers, and we're already seeing odds defied with games like Dark Souls and DOOM coming to the Switch (and running very reasonably). Will this continue as more developers realize there is a market to sell their games on Nintendo consoles?



All signs point towards...yes. Honestly one of the real joys of watching the Switch, even before I owned one, was seeing Nintendo seemingly somehow erase 20 years of bad 3rd party relationships (FFVII finally being on Nintendo is incredibly fitting with that in mind). And its success has only continued. There is little good reason to not put your game on the Switch if you can, quite frankly.

The only real concern is how unlikely to impossible the true next gen games of PS5 and the like will be able to actually come to Switch. But that becomes less of a concern when you realize 95% of games on PS4 don't need the full power of the Ps4, and that many AAA companies release maybe 3 games a year each. So I think everything that isn't an exclusive or the increasingly small amount of AAA games trying to push graphical power will still be likely to end on Switch. Most developers that make games that people like nowadays make games that can reasonably run well on Switch, so I assume that will continue.

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I think Switch will continue to get choice third party multiplats for the next year. With devs moving onto more powerful hardware, will the performance gap prove detrimental to porting efficiencies? Couldn't answer that, but history tends to repeat itself.


Switch is proving there is life without EA / Activision. it's there loss when they don't support the console with a game. And Disney should be ashamed of themselves for not getting a Star Wars game on the system.

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I don't think you can read much into the Pro controller. The Wii and Wii U both had similar pro controllers, and the N64 controller was the prototype for 'modern' controllers anyway.

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I just only need these for Switch :
1. Games for kids until Teen.
2. Kiddie games
3. Unique, Quirky, Unusual games.
4. Life Simulation games.
5. Port from PS4 / PC as long they are appropriate games for kids.

My Top 6 games :
1. Dance Dance Revolution series (100)
2. Dragon Quest Builders 2 PS4/Switch (95)
3. The Sims 4 PS4 + All contents (93)
4. Portal Knights PS4 (90)
5. Final Fantasy VIII PS1 (90)
6. Animal Crossing New Leaf: Welcome Amiibo 3DS (89)

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I have been saving up for a new gaming laptop having my recent one unfortunately broken and in anticipation I researched upcoming games to see what I would be interested in...

Honestly, nothing. I'm more hyped for this new laptop because I want to re-experience older classics like Mass Effect, Half-Life 2, etc. Only real new big third party games that could interest me are series like Divinity, Pillars (which you should get on Switch by the way), Cyberpunk and remakes of older games and indie titles.

Maybe it's just me, but I feel like Switch fits right there in the market where they don't NEED every major publisher showering them with games. Nintendo has such a strong self-sustained first party system that it stomps on the competition when it comes to exclusive content. I'm not saying third parties shouldn't put their games on Switch but I think asking for Call of Battlefield 294838 to come to Switch is mundane and instead of asking for games like that I'd rather people ask these same publishers to put their better games onto the System which Nintendo fans simply couldn't experience before. Here are few suggestions:

Dead Space Collection (Including the Wii rail shooter remade with newer assets)
The Yakuza series (entirely undemanding games)
Mass Effect Trilogy (they literally owe us this after what happened with Wii U)
Assassin's Creed Ezio Collection (Assassins Creed 3 remake is mind-boggling)
DMC Collection (I am not buying Dragon's Dogma to beg....)
Prey (Undemanding and severely underrated Bethesda game)
Fallout: New Vegas (throw in a bone and make some adjustments to it)
Baldur's Gate and Icewind Dale (need more classical RPGs, not just JRPGs)
BioShock Collection
Star Wars: KOTOR & KOTOR 2 (just my insanely wishful thinking)
ANY GTA games are long overdue
Dishonored Collection
Metal Gear Solid Full HD Collection (I think Nintendo fans have earned this one)
Batman: Arkham
Darksiders 2 & 3

The list goes on but you get my point. I know the Switch is often called a port machine but in my honest opinion it's a good thing. There are hundreds of new indie games released monthly, a couple of brand new third-party releases here and there, arguably the strongest library of exclusives on the market and yeah, ports. Given Switch's great userbase I think it's great to see Nintendo fans picking up steam on some of these games they've never played.

I also feel like if a publisher decides "oh, I'll just throw something from my deepest niche backlog at the Switch because why not", say, something like Dino Crisis, and then it ends up skyrocketing in sales...who knows, maybe it will show developers that people out there still want this strong variety of games which they haven't made in a while. Maybe we will finally see franchises which we all thought were dead - revived.

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I think it'll depend on how next gen is handled. For example, if Microsoft were to keep their "No one gets left behind" motto going into next gen then I think Switch 3rd party support would be pretty much the same it is now.

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@Varkster Amen!

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It will, until PS5 and Xbox Scarlet arrive. With Switch being Japan's #1 console and #2 in North America (once it passes the lifetime sales of Xbox One later this year) you can count on several hundred more games being ported to the Switch. But major next generation games like Cyberpunk 2077, Grand Theft Auto VI, The Elder Scrolls VI, etc? You'll need a PS5 or Xbox Scarlet to play those games as they'll never be ported to the Switch.

Not even the Switch 2 / Switch Pro.

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@toiletduck Oh boy, I even wrote a comment on that article LOL.

That's how terrible my memory is.



not once the PS5 and Next XBOX come out no, it will be a WiiU situation again, a machine that just can't handle the games that are being made

which is a shame BUT they might get Switch versions of games because i can see a lot of developers viewing it as a handheld system like the 3DS and thus might make Switch specific versions of games

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Probably not, but I am surprised MK11 came out so who knows.

With current gen, a game made to target a PS4 or XB1 can be easily transitioned to PS4/XB1/PC. Switch is totally different and less powerful.

But this isn't new for Nintendo. Nintendo really hasn't had great third party support since the SNES.

OP: how does the 64 strain your wrist?

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I think the Switch will continue to get ports and remasters of current and last-gen titles, but probably not next-gen unless Nintendo releases a more powerful console.

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Nintendo needs to release a more powerful Switch if they want to continue getting big 3rd party games. Late next year I expect to see the next gen consoles releasing and this will most likely be the end of the Switch getting ports. Unless these games are also releasing on the PS4 and Xbox One then the Switch could still get ports of those.

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@Lethal - The chipset being used will determine how soon we'll see an upgraded Switch. If Nintendo uses a custom Tegra X2 we could see an upgraded Switch next year. But if Nintendo decides to go with a custom Tegra Xavier? We might be waiting until a couple or few years into the life of PS5 and Xbox Scarlet before the upgraded Switch arrives.

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