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Got 202 points, doubt I'll win anything though I like how Europe events are not about play for insane amounts of time to win but rather that you stand a chance of winning even if you don't play for that long.


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Didn't play too much, ended with 550 points. I would love the gold coins, but I am not expecting any. I had fun, I love these tournaments.

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I got about 550 too, but I did spend quite some time. I even placed 2nd once, which is my all-time best LOL

It's been funny, I hope one of my five tickets gets lucky, but I guess there is a lot of people that got many more points and they'll end up getting all the tickets. Last time winning was necessary to stand a chance, I haven't ever won and I guess with the new rules I stand a chance, but so do a lot of people that weren't eligible last time, so... we'll see.

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I’ve ended up with 106 points so 1 ticket. When/where we can see if we have won anything?



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