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msm2000 wrote:

Just can't quite get the victory. I've had countless top ten finishes, a 2nd, 3rd and 4th but can't get that elusive 1st.

Me neither

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I got my first Tetris 99 just now, and I only picked it up a couple hours ago.
I seem to do best when I start in KO mode, then just stay in attackers the rest of the time to focus on surviving. I get consistent high placement that way.

Some stats:
Total Play Time: 001:38:23
Total Games Played: 16
Event Wins: 1
Singles: 734
Doubles: 253
Triples: 109
Tetris Line Clears: 261
Max Combo: 6
Back-to-backs: 106
Most K.O.s: 17
Total K.O.s: 80
K.O. Badges Earned: 35
Most simultaneous targets from other players: 6

As long as I'm not making mistakes from rushing, I'm doing fine.
On occasion, I've had bad inputs because it didn't buffer my rotation, but then go straight for a hard drop.
I also keep mistaking what my next piece is on occasion, it's weird. I don't get to get that in Puyo Puyo Tetris.



I have to wonder if Nintendo is just stress testing their servers in the guise of a contest.

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I can't imagine Tetris is a particularly server intensive game, it doesn't require a great deal of precision of synchronisity between players.
Although it is displaying the playing field of 99 players simultaneously, the information is limited to a 10x20 grid (200 spaces) where each block has 8 possible states, which can be stored in a 3-bit value (.e.g 000 empty, 001 red, 010 green, 011 yellow, 100 blue, 101 orange, 110 purple, 111 cyan)
With 98 other playing fields to display, this amounts to 19600 blocks to track, I guess amounting to 58,800 bits of data per tick, or 7350 bytes, or less than 8kb.
And that's without accounting for the frequency of updates or ticks, there will be ticks with no update so the package size would be smaller than 8kb per tick, and it will only decrease over time as players get knocked out.

This isn't accounting for other variables like their target behaviour or the piece they are moving.



First try, 1st place.

That's cool, because I don't have more time to participate in the event this weekend.

Sorry, Sandra (2nd place)


I was browsing eShop couple of hours ago and noticed that my gold points had arrived. Got an email about it just now too. I hope they have more events like this. It was fun to compete, especially since there was a good chance of winning, at least in Europe.

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Yup, it seems like they're distributing their rewards to My Nintendo entrants now, as well as a kudos for those who did not win the 999 Gold Points.
You can see it in the alerts on the My Nintendo page.

Congrats on winning some Gold Points, @Late.



I can see this game getting a sequal in a few years. Lets call it tetris 99999999, where so many players go up against each other, it moves at 1 frame per 10 seconds!

Nice >:]

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Wow, I have played more then 400 games and I still haven't won a match, just 2nd like 20 times.


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I've only played 54 games and won 13 of them.
Skill level is very much a factor. What targeting you use it somewhat important, but I've had a win where I just left it on random the entire time.



I've played 1,000 games and won on 74 occasions.

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I wish I were better at this game so I could listen to the music for longer...

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