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What are you people thinking of this game so far it is the most addictive tetris game i have played. Probably one of the better battle royales

super Mario Galaxy on the switch make it happen!


You can download it without a NSO subscription, but you can't play it as there is no offline mode.

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As someone who loves Tetris, i have to say it is freaking awesome. Best i've made it so far is to 12th place.

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@the_shpydar I made it into sixth place on my second go.

Still not sure how anyone has the time to manually target another player when they need to be constantly matching blocks instead.

Anyway, this game feels super basic compared to a masterpiece like Tetris Effect. What I wouldn't give for a portable version of that game!

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My personal best is 16th so far.

Apparently there's actually some strategy when targeting, for example, if you try to stay in "attackers" mode or stay focused on a single target too long, then basically you're almost guaranteed to stay under a constant barrage of attacks from people, so it's best to mix up every now and then.

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Question, is there Kalinka remix for the music on Tetris 99 ?

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The only battle royale game I'll ever play :^]

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the_shpydar wrote:

As someone who loves Tetris, i have to say it is freaking awesome. Best i've made it so far is to 12th place.



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This game is addictive and feels like a good reward for buying the online service. Best place is 4th for me so far.

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I'll be honest, this is the best incentive to get NSO that Nintendo has thought of so far. Not even kidding.

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@kkslider5552000 Agreed! I pray Nintendo rolls out all their Puzzle games for a Battle Royale edition.

Bring me Puzzle League/Tetris Attack 99 Nintendo, NOW!



The best battle royale game is a Nintendo exclusive. Heck yeah.

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35th is my best

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Hell, maybe this is how they revive F Zero in the end, a 100 player death race where you try blow up all the other cars and the person in last place every lap gets blown up? The last surviving racer wins.



Got up to 9th last night. Best twist on the Tetris formula in years. Really enjoying it



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