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Tennis World Tour officially announced for Nintendo Switch!

So I noticed a rumour was posted about this game on NL about a month ago without any confirmation of release:

Thankfully for all tennis fans, it was officially announced by Big Ben on September 6th. Here's the official blurb from Big Ben Interactive's website:

Tennis World Tour will include over 30 stars from men and women’s tennis. Players will be able to step into the shoes of Roger Federer, Nick Kyrgios, Garbiñe Muguruza, Angelique Kerber, Caroline Wozniacki, Gaël Monfils, Alexander Zverev and the American John Isner, famous for his unstoppable serve. New professional players will be announced in the coming months.

In addition to this full and varied list, which will let players practise every style of play, Tennis World Tour will have a unique player and strategy customisation system in order to recreate the intensity and psychological aspect of an actual tennis match.

Tennis World Tour will be available in 2018 on Nintendo Switch™, PlayStation®4, Xbox One and PC.

With any luck they'll include other top players like Rafa, Novak, Murray and the Williams sisters. If it improves on the physics, graphics and gameplay of Top Spin 4, we could be in for something special.

So who's picking this up next year? Will it serve an outright ace and surpass other sports titles on the system? Or disgracefully double bagel, never to return? Would love to get your thoughts below..


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Hard to say anything without seeing it



@Inertiacreep It's never stopped people speculating on these forums before..

Edit: Here's some footage of the developer's last tennis game, Top Spin 4, which will give all those who haven't played it some idea of what to expect re. the new title:

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Hope it's good. Tennis makes a great video game.

I never drive faster than I can see. Besides, it's all in the reflexes.

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I'll probably get it unless the game is completely broken when it is released. I loved the Top Spin series and its been awhile since I've been able to play a quality tennis title.

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@flapjack-ashley Same. @GrailUK Yep, when they're done right, there's so much replayability in these games..

For this particular title, I would love to see the top 16 mens and womens players, as well as the official Grand Slam stadiums to make it that extra bit immersive. Getting those official licences will be key, I feel.

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Some words from Etienne Jacquemain, the creative director of the game and producer Romain Ginocchio:

"We have a long history with the people who made Top Spin 4, since the manager of Breakpoint created the Top Spin license. I personally worked very hard with them and saw them work on these games. And since this is the last real "big" tennis game, it made sense to use it as inspiration. But the game is ageing a little, so we have also taken into account the criticisms that have been formulated for nearly five years, making the best use of the new capabilities of the current consoles."

Several players will be included, including Roger Federer, who should appear on the cover alone or alongside another iconic tennis player. However, the unique selling point of this Tennis World Tour probably lies in its psychological approach to the sport:

"This will be a very important aspect," producer Romain Ginocchio explained. "Previously, once the player had mastered all the timings, all the possible moves, it became a bit annoying to watch. There, we have made sure to add this psychological aspect; a player can be destabilised and do anything, before having this click that allows him to regain confidence and get back to his game.

"We have integrated skills that will 'wake up' at different times of the encounter and will trigger if things are going well for you. Let's say, for example, that for a few points you hit the ball stronger, you will then become more precise, but for a short time. Nevertheless, you will have to play intelligently with this skill so that it is really useful to you. As for the frequency of this mental bonus, this will not repeat every two points obviously, but rather three, five, or seven times in a classic three set match."


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I hope they add motion controls.I love tennis games and have bought many over the years/decades but the last one I played was Grandslam Tennis on Wii, which also happened to be one of the finest and certainly most intense sports game I've ever played. All because of Motion +, it added so much to the experience. The Joy-con are even more accurate so any future tennis or golf game has to include them or they just won't feel right, at least to me. When playing Grandslam Tennis and Tiger Woods 09/10 (the greatest golf games ever) ,I used to dream about how far EA could go with these and how realistic they will become but nope, EA bailed and we've never saw a proper follow up to either. Such a shame.

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@Inertiacreep Denigrating games you've never played is a futile exercise.

However, if I must rise to your bait, most players found Top Spin 4's gameplay to be very in-depth, as your skill levels rise incrementally the longer you play, even months after picking up the game. Something that can't be analysed by simply watching.

The wide variety of shots in the game is also undisputedly second to none.

Perhaps this just isn't your genre.

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Honestly, I don't know if I want another Tennis game. I mean, I wanted a great Mario Tennis game since Power Tennis on GameCube and its recent releases on 3DS and Wii U have been anything but good, in my opinion.

If this game does turn out to be good on its own, then I guess I can give this one a shot.



Here are some revealing quotes about the new game from head of development Pierre André, who also worked on Top Spin 4 in 2011:

Please note: this video is in French, though automated English subtitles are available. Read below for a full translation of all the important details.

"We're approaching World Tour like we would have with Top Spin 5, in that the game will be very close to what we had in mind for Top Spin, with the shot control and the movement of the player models. The meta-gameplay and tactical, strategic layer is where we will be innovating the most."

"What we would have done on Top Spin 5, is in the character building, the playing style and the player's strategies. That will all be realized in Tennis World Tour, wrapped in a career layer that indulges the player in the feeling of being a top professional in world tennis, with off-the-court interactions coming into play, too.

So, sounds very much like a certain story mode missing from FIFA 2018 this year.. let's hope it makes for a more comprehensive experience..

Tennis World Tour will step in as the first full-featured, simulation quality sports video game for tennis on the current console generation, when it launches. That means the usual suite of created-player customizations, a career mode and licensed professionals to battle against throughout a championship season.

Players are likely to spend most of their time here, honing players attributes in order to work their way up the rankings and win major tournaments..

"It's going to be much more open, much more elaborate than just a character and statistics. You're going to have a game plan, you'll have a skill deck, and you will have to make a game plan for your next match, how this will play out based on your skills and weaknesses."

For example, Roger Federer is a notorious slow starter, even as a winner of 19 grand slam tournaments. Not only will a player have to strategize to take the lead on him in the early sets, they'll have to weather his inevitable wake-up late in the match.

"At some point, he will start attempting very unique shots, and start making tricky rallies," André said. "A single player with a specific match plan and attitude can find and fight him. He may not be dangerous at the beginning of the match, so this is where you have to take him."

Yet Rafael Nadal is going to be extremely demoralizing to play against, for his ability to fetch everything at the baseline.

This hopefully leads to the tennis pros becoming more nuanced and believable, making for a more immersive experience all round..

Breakpoint Studio, the venture created to deliver Tennis World Tour for Bigben, can concentrate on such subtleties even as it builds the rest of the game from whole cloth because of the lessons André and others have already learned. "There's no working in the dark, trying to feel how aiming or shot power should work," he said. "We know how these elements should be balanced together. This is the kind of knowledge we've acquired."

Breakpoint Studio is a team of about 20 and it will scan in more than 30 professionals by the time Tennis World Tour launches next year. Despite the small team size, André is confident that technology available today, which wasn't around six years ago, will help them pull through to a finished product of console sports simulation quality.

All reassuring stuff, presuming they build on what was begun with the Top Spin series. Creating the ultimate tennis experience that compares favourably to FIFA and 2K18 has to be the goal. (With those 'pesky' micro-transactions excluded of course..

Even if Tennis World Tour ends up as the redemption of Top Spin, the disappointment that Top Spin is gone still lingers. André and his cohort had made tennis, of all things, viable as a console video game series, with as much right to be on the shelf as Madden or Pro Evolution Soccer. More than just functioning or being a cult favorite with message-board enthusiasts, Top Spin 4 was a critical success.

"When you do a sports video game and you're iterating on specific features and technology, and you can bring it to a high level of quality, and especially when you get critical acclaim, you're feeling validation," he said. "You know you can keep the game up there in the rarefied atmosphere with games like NBA 2K." That's what made the cancellation so painful. It would be one thing to wash out as loser in sales or a Metacritic score, but Top Spin 4 beat both expectations.

"It was at the point where it would not become a risk anymore," André said proudly. The only thing the developer could control, quality, would not give the publisher qualms. Still, 2K had them in 2011, and so that was that.

Tennis World Tour will be Pierre André's reply, his statement they were wrong. Few video game developers get the chance of such a rebuttal, much less six years after the fact.

Great to discover the developers still feel they have something to prove. I wish Big Ben the very best of luck in their endeavors.

Here's hoping it's game, set and match for them come 2018!


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Pierre André states Switch version may come out later than on other systems and tournament venues will likely be fictional, much like the Top Spin games.

On the licenses, he states:

"There is no one-stop shop and so you have to negotiate with each player individually, and for the venues you have to negotiate with the venue and with the sponsors inside of the venue. For the equipment, it's a bit more easy because these guys are dealing with products that they're used to licensing.

So it's a smoother workflow, but yeah, it's a headache. It's an absolute headache. And the choices you have to make to satisfy both your own ambitions as a developer and what the community expects, given the different countries, it's excruciating. It's painful."

He also shares a few more details re. the new career mode:

"You're going to have two characters that will guide you through your career, the coach that is going to handle everything – technical and mental training of your character – and the agent. The agent is going to handle the business side, so you will be managing both aspects of your career – some of the events will be playable, some not. That's going to contribute to both the storytelling and strategic choices you'll make make throughout the game."


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New trailer!!!

Featuring Roger Federer and Gael Monfils, the game releases in Spring 2018 on PS4, Xbox One and PC, with a Switch version planned for later in the year.

It's still a little early in the development cycle to come out with sweeping observations but as things stand, it doesn't look too demanding a title for this generation. Here's hoping it's on a par with the other consoles.

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