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PolarExperience wrote:

I was mostly trying to combat the statement that someone today would buy the Switch for its already existing library rather than the new and upcoming games it has, as @Mountain_Man had stated.

That's not exactly what I said. I was simply refuting the notion that the only compelling reason to buy Switch right right now is because of newly released and upcoming games when the Switch currently has a large and deep library. I bought mine earlier this year not for any one game but because it had reached a "critical mass" of games that I was interested in playing.

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@MasterJay Don't get me wrong. It's not as though I think they'd miss it by a lot. I figure they can hit the 35-36 million range easily. I would be surprised if it's any less than 34 million. And of course we all know they don't buy the Switch just for Pokemon or just for Smash, they buy it for those games and many others that are already out. But a lot, likely a majority of the people who were going to buy the Switch for any of last year's games, already have. So it's about convincing mostly people who thought last year's games weren't enough to warrant the purchase. For some people Smash and/or Pokemon is enough. But others might still be waiting for games like Animal Crossing, Metroid Prime, an actually new 2D Mario, or even something totally new. The Switch's most significant totally new IP, Arms, while not flopping per say, didn't catch on that much, and people might be waiting for the next out of nowhere new IP to come close to, or even surpass, Splatoon's breakout success. Other people are dissapointed by the favoritism shown to indie devs over having a virtual console with classic titles. A significant number of people were very excited over the possibility of N64 and Gamecube games, plus GBA, GB and SNES games all on the go on one device. That hasn't happened.

My main point is. There are still a lot of people out there, waiting for things that Nintendo hasn't given yet. Now obviously Nintendo can't do everything at once, but a lot of us do think we could have seen a bit more from Nintendo this year. NSMB U Deluxe, for example, a simple port of a Wii U game, could easily have already come out for the holiday season. Or any number of other Wii U ports could have filled some of the dry spots they had this year, in order to have continued last year's excellent trend of one very notable Nintendo title a month.

I've got over 50 games on my Switch, and I love the vast majority of them. But I know a lot of them are smaller titles, more niche titles, and not the kinds of titles that really generate much news and drive console sales. Next to no one is buying the Switch for Cities Skylines and Civilization 6, even though I was positively thrilled to get those on the system.

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Investors have been freaking out ever since Nintendo's somewhat lackluster E3. That's nothing new. Investors will freak out over the smallest things.

With that being said, year 2 was not as good as year 1 in terms of quality. I guess that's subjective, but in my opinion it's hard to top year 1's Breath of the Wild and Super Mario Odyssey. That's not even counting Splatoon 2 or them sneaking in Xenoblade Chronicles 2 at the end of the year, both of which may have a bit of a niche following but are solid games and pretty popular in their own right.

I would argue that year 2 did have a bit more quantity of games, though. Yes, there were a lot of indies, but we also had some third party games that no one really talks about. So maybe we didn't have the huge heavy hitters from Nintendo, but I still consider this a solid year especially when considering the Wii U atrocity after it's first year.

I think Smash Bros. will still be pretty big for hardware sales. Christmas isn't here yet, and not everyone is going to buy a Switch on Black Friday/Cyber Monday. Even if they don't hit their target at the end of their fiscal year, I expect next year to be huge for Nintendo. If they do Pokemon right next year (ala the way they did Breath of the Wild), I think it will really be huge for sales of the console.

TL;DR: In the words of Aaron Rodgers: R-E-L-A-X.

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Some of this analyst talk sounds like blatant propaganda to drive U.S. branded hardware (not to mention any Microsofts err I mean names) in order to protect their own investments (because the way they talk about Japanese companies is cluelessly trying to fit a square block in their established triangular holes!)

It's so loaded that all I have is conspiracy theories to explain them lol!

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@Cobalt I know right!

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