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@Mainer82 If everyone's going to create a new thread to talk about the games he/she likes to see on the Switch, the forums would be filled with those threads. That's why we're keeping the discussion in one place.

Than it should be pinned. Very few are willing to waste time searching for threads already made.



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I feel like there's two discussion mixed into one here though: 1) Which announced games are on your backlog? And 2) Which unannounced games would be awesome on Switch?

Wouldn't it be better to have these discussions in two separate threads?



Geometry Dash


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Fortress of Fear
Wing Commander 3 & 4
Half Life
Grim Fandango

Quality games only.


The Legend of Zelda: Wind Waker HD and The Legend of Zelda: Twilight Princess HD ports from the Wii U. Only each game would have a remake of the original NES Zelda. Wind Waker HD would have a remake of the first quest reusing its graphics, and Twilight Princess HD would have a remake of the second, reusing its graphics.

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1. Rogue Squadron or Jedi Knight game

2. Gamecube and Wii VC. Publishers are seeing that there is money in old games again, both as packages (megaman) and as services (sega). So we aren't likely to get virtual console in the traditional sense in part due to the success of legacy projects like the NES/SNES classic. Publishers can make more with a multi-platform release or a propriety service without Nintendo's umbrella. That doesn't stop Nintendo from offering their first-party titles, though.

3. An MMO.

4. A traditional RTS, such as Age of Empires. This is one genre other consoles physically can't do at the moment.

5. Jurassic Park game. Ideally a remaster or Jurassic Park Arcade collection of light-gun games with IR support and possibly light-gun peripheral - games that have never been available to own outside of arcade cabinets.

6. A dual camera peripheral for AR support with the joycons, similar to kinect. Bundle with Fantasia.

7. DDR with a pad, but re-imagined with the joycons.

8. Rainway.

9. A raspberry pi or auduino integrated labo set for customized robotics and smart home devices. Simple stuff, like timer-based pet feeding or voice/twitter monitors linked to labo-designed blinds to shade a room. The Switch can become a master control system of a network of DIY-smart devices, monitoring everything from a baby's historical ounces of milk consumption in final nap of the day vs. final nap continuous minutes of sleep (to help optimize parental sleep) to bread timers and oven temperatures that push SMS notifications to cell phones.

10. A calculator. Or even better, read excel/office files, edit on the go with a virtual keyboard and interpret as presentations when connected to a TV.

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Wind waker

And yes, probably not going to happen but...

A hat in time



Diablo 2
Fallout 3/nv
Ridge Racer


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The Switch gets a lot of flak for being a "port machine". But is that such a bad thing? Personally, there isn't a day that goes by where I look at lists of "all-time greatest 360/PS3 games" with the hope that some of my favorite games from 2005 to 2013 make their way to the Switch. There are several hundred games released throughout those years that I'd love to have a portable version of.

There are standouts. Borderlands 1+2, Diablo III, Batman Arkham City, Mass Effect series, etc. But there are several hundred games, with a metacritic rating of 75+, just waiting for publishers to port and cash in with. I just wish publishers would wake up.

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All of the pervious Zelda games



New IPs !
The return of 1080 Snowboarding !
Some 3rd person adventure games !
A real driving game !
The return of Wave Race !
Some new real 2D RPG !
A new beat'em all !
The return of WarioLand !

There is so much to do that it's almost endless...



Animal Crossing
Paper Mario - if other Mario games are going back to their roots. why not Paper Mario?
Star Fox
TimeSplitters - C'mon Crytek do something with the IP!
Mario & Luigi - is all these remakes leading up to something big?
Dr Mario
F-Zero - give it another chance Nintendo.

im creep out with thoese eyes... :P

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I mean, we are going to get new IPs. Daemon X Machina is one already, being published by Nintendo in the West. It's like people completely glossed over that during E3 and missed the Treehouse gameplay segment while also ignoring Splatoon, ARMS, and Sushi Striker as new IPs. Basically, if it's not some big AAA third-person action game or a game they're not interested in, it doesn't count as a new IP according to 80% of people here on this site (number pulled out of thin air). **** off with that nonsense.

Anyways, just need more JRPGs. Xenoblade 2 kicked off the highest standard for them going forward, and recent releases like Ys and Octopath are gonna continue that train. I can't wait for more JRPGs to come, alongside the ones already announced like Tales of Vesperia. Platformers like Mario and DKC should also bring back the AAA platformers that have a bigger budget than your typical indie games

Aside from platformers and RPGs though, I can take whatever. Action games like Bayonetta are cool, so I'm gonna pick up Daemon X Machina. Etc. If a game looks good, I'll get it. It doesn't matter too much which genre they're in. For example, I'm not terribly big on strategy games, but I enjoyed Fire Emblem in the past so I might pick up Three Houses.

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1. Chrono Trigger (SNES port)
2. Dragon Quest VIII (3DS port)
3. Final Fantasy VII (PC port)
4. Paper Mario (N64 remake)

Gameplay matters.


There's a large chunk of popular indie games I'm surprised haven't made their way to Switch yet. Bastion, Shadow Complex, Castle Crashers, Braid, Fez, Outland, etc. With the biggest absence being Terraria I suppose. Even though we're getting ten to twenty games a week on the eShop, the well to draw from is still fairly deep.

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Hello all, would just like to get going a most wanted thread for games yet to be announced on switch,
no areas off limits.
My list in no particular order is as follows:

1. Metropolis street Racer
2. Blur
3. Ninja Gaiden
4. Skate
5. Tatsunoko Vs Capcom
7. Metroid Prime Trilogy
8. Guardian Heroes
9. Ikaruga
10. F Zero
11. Wipeout
12. Wave race
13. Soul Calibur 2
14. Power Stone 2
15. Sega Rally
16. Jet Set Radio
18. Shenmue
19. Virtua Fighter
20. Panzer Dragoon
21. Burning Rangers
22. Virtual On
23. Athlete Kings / Winter Heat
24. TOCA Touring cars
25. GRID
26. Virtua Tennis

let me know what you list would be..



Give me more ports from the 360/PS3 era. Any and all entries from the following series of games. Metal Gear Solid, Fallout, Borderlands, Batman Arkham, Portal, Mass Effect, Condemned, Assassin's Creed, GTA, Dead Space, The Legend of Heroes, Darksiders, etc. Just Google a list of all-time greatest 360/PS3 games, you'll find several hundred games with a metacritic rating of 60+ that I'd like play portably on Switch.

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@ICISAZEL Ikaruga is on switch unless you are looking for a sequel? Love the fighting games in your list. I keep hoping that if Bamco won't give us SCVI then they will make SCIIHD that everybody but Nintendo got.

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Many huge thanks Elhozzo. Your a great help, ty! :}



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