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GameOtaku wrote:

Power Rangers Mega Battle, Fight N Rage, Senran Kagura Peach Beach Splash, ACA Haunted Castle and a new mainline Castlevania! (Oh and a complete VC library for nes, Gameboy, Genesis, snes, master system, tg16 etc.....)

I would love a power rangers mmo if Saban ever did it heck add the Japan only ones and make the canon reason that these guys are the Japan power rangers like introduce the sentai to us murican fans with English dub



Problem with a Power Rangers game featuring all the teams is something that Legacy Wars is having a bit of difficulty with at the moment, and that's balancing the characters added, as - let's be honest - there's no way any Rangers game is going to feature every Ranger at launch unless it was in development for five years or more. There's over two hundred of them, and even if you only added one from each people, you'll have people complaining that their favourite of the team didn't make it in. Along with that, each Ranger has to be made different, with those in the same team needing something unique about them. Yes, there's the lazy way to do it, but that wouldn't make a good Rangers game.

As for my specific wishlist at this time, I'm just going full-on crazy with this, as it's pipe dreaming. Nintendo buys the Midtown Madness licence and makes a new game in the series, or better yet makes their own open-world racing game with their own unique twist.
Bring Wuhu Island back in a game that is more than just sports. Allow us to fully explore it on foot, and bring in more things like customisation of characters, have our own flat we can customise, and make it an online hub that also allows everything accessible solo without a connection.
A third visit to the Orre region, with the two GCN 'mon games getting remastered and extended to allow for generations four and above to be fully included. That, or just throw the idea of colosseums at the new gen eight game, working in the same way as the GCN games. Also something like Mt. Battle. And all of this needs to stop restricting our levels and allow experience gain. Sure, throw a competitive-based ruleset into the mix for those that want it, but the main experience should be regular battles in a tourney-based set-up.
And last, can we have a Mario Kart: Top 100 DLC for MK8D that throws even more tracks and battle courses into the mix, possibly bringing the rest of the cast who haven't returned for a while into the roster?


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Like that DK beat em up idea

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bluemage1989 wrote:


Like that DK beat em up idea

Yeah. Maybe something closer to a Mario 64/Metroid Prime-esque second branch of the series more than a spinoff, but I would like to see Nintendo create a DK game in that style. DK has felt pretty samey to me for almost its entire existence and could really use something new at this point, and Nintendo doesn't really have a game like God of War or Knack, so this seems like a match made in heaven. It feels completely appropriate for DK to incorporate actual combat into his gameplay to make him a little more unique, right now he sort of feels like Jungle Mario for the most part.


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Hyrule Warriors 2.
Breath of the Wild sequel.
A Link Between Worlds sequel.
Metroid Prime HD Trilogy.
Super Mario Galaxy 1 & 2 HD.
Warriors Orochi 4.
Samurai Warriors 5.
New Nintendo franchise + Warriors collab. (Pokémon?)
New Mega Man X game, preferably with pixel graphics.
Mega Man Zero + ZX Legacy Collection.
Mega Man Battle Network Legacy Collection. (including the platformers for Gamecube and Wonderswan)
New Ace Attorney game.
Ace Attorney Complete Collection (including Edgeworth 1 AND 2)
New Sonic All-Stars Racing game.
New Metroidvania style Castlevania game.
New Mario Golf game, including an adventure mode.
Dark Souls 2.
Dark Souls 3.
New Souls game.

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bluemage1989 wrote:


Like that DK beat em up idea

Tbh, the DK games have always been too tricky for me. But I think a beat 'em up could be right down my alley.


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A new Animal Crossing
A NEW Super Smash Bros
A Paper Mario like the original N64/GCN versions
A new Mario Kart
Golden Sun 4
A new Switch-exclusive 3D Zelda (way down the line, not expecting that anytime soon)
That the new Pokemon game(s) are much, much better than Generation VII
A Kirby 64 style Kirby (a pipe dream, I know)
New Ace Attorney games (very likely, but not for a couple of years)

I'm sure there are more, but I've forgotten.



I'm easy to please and would like to see some old arcade ports:

Gaia Crusaders
Gunbird 2

I would also like to see a proper D-pad joycon!


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I'm kind of expecting 2018-2019 and beyond to look something like this:
*this isn't a complete list, no Indies, dlc or surprises**

  • Fire Emblem, yoshi, kirby, Mario tennis, hyrule warriors, Donkey Kong, Pokemon, Bayo 1&2, Paper Mario, New IP, Animal crossing, either Metroid or Retro game.

2019: Metroid or Retro, Zelda something, Mario Maker 2, Smash, Bayo 3, Fzero HD remake, Mario 3d world/captain toad, Pikmin 4, luigi mansion, xenoblade X, New IP

2020: star fox, #FE, Mario galaxy, punchout, New IP,

  • 3rd party : a few racing games (project cars 2, or ridge racer, midnight club, burnout, Cruisin)
    sports games (madden, PES, wwe, NBA jam, NHL, golf)
    RPG's ( Fallout, Divinity, Civilization, Final Fantasy, bravery default, mass effect trilogy)
    Shooters( COD, overwatch, paladins,)
    Action/adventure ( assassin's Creed, prince of Persia HD remake, lord of the Rings, GTA V, Harry Potter, Lego, splinter cell or metal gear survive, castlevania,
    Other : Switch Sports, karaoke, poker, trivia games, Sonic the hedgehog, Crash trilogy, Rare Replay, Sea of thieves,
    Fighting ( Mortal kombat, killer instinct!, SFIV ultra)


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Ok, my top picks for the first half of the year are:

1. Donkey Kong Country: Tropical Freeze
2. Mario Tennis Aces
3. Kirby Star Allies
4. Tennis World Tour


1. Project Octopath Traveler
2. Yoshi (Still not convinced by this one, the game appeared very barebones at E3, though I really want to like it..)

If Yooka- Laylee and Worms get physical releases, they'll happily be added too.

Unfortunately, given that I only buy retail games, there appears to be scarce pickings for us physical collectors in 2018. I mean, Nintendo Life only has 25 retail games listed total, for the entire year and beyond, which is really worrying.

Another Direct is essential if we're to quell the increasingly vocal naysayers, preferably within the next month. Concerns about future third party support appear very valid, given the current gaps that lie in wait for us.

As of now, I own just five Switch titles (The usual suspects, you might say: Zelda, Odyssey, Mario Kart, Splatoon 2 and USF II) but with so few known release dates, that figure would struggle to double in 2018. Titles like Animal Crossing, F-Zero, Overwatch, a new Bond game, Rogue Squadron and a decent racing sim or two would all help to diversify the console's audience.

The Switch back catalogue currently appears very narrow, with a ton of metroidvania games and Neo Geo titles, which only really appeal to a niche audience - though this wouldn't be an issue if all genres were supported equally.

The console has now reached an important crossroads and the direction from which Nintendo takes from here will go a long way to deciding its fate. Switch owners need plans from key developers like Rockstar and EA to feel assured of its success going forward. It would allow us a little more confidence to believe we'll see more years like the one we've just experienced.. or better still, have that confidence replaced with high hopes of convincingly surpassing it. I guess there's no harm in dreaming but, given the ups and downs of the past eighteen months, anything seems possible right now..


With regards to hardware, Cloud saves or better still, local back-ups seem the only real essential that we need right now, to put Switch on a more equal footing with the other consoles. It still leaves me feeling very uneasy to know the amount of hours I’ve put into my games could be lost at any moment. (Currently 140 hrs and counting..) Nintendo introducing this so late in the console’s lifecycle can only leave me to conclude that they never planned to introduce back-ups at all, which is pretty scary, considering the level of experience they’ve garnered over the years, working on console design and customer service programs.

I appreciate the current piracy concerns that seem to lie front and centre of Nintendo’s collective mindset whenever this topic is brought up.

Taking into account these concerns, the ideal for me would be a non-transferable SD memory card, designed specifically to read by the Switch only. It would back-up game saves only and, given the smaller size needed compared to micro SD’s (10GB?), that store the whole game, cost relatively little to make. Whether this is even plausible from a technological standpoint, is highly debatable but it would be a much better solution than cloud saves, given the likely lifespan of the servers storing our precious data.



Just to clarify my predictions. I think the following for 2018 and beyond.

First, let's start with Nintendo. Nintendo will look to maintain and build momentum to sell at least 20 million units for FY 2018. All my guesses are common sense predictions:

  • if Nintendo online comes out this year, Nintendo will use at least one big new Nintendo and third-party title to drive adoption of the paid service.
  • if Nintendo online is delayed out of 2018, something has gone very wrong. If that does happen hopefully Nintendo finally turns over control of online to Microsoft, Amazon Game Services, or someone who is capable of implementing online services.
  • I predict that Fire Emblem, and two other big titles release in 2018. Of those big titles, they will be two of the following ( Animal Crossing, Smash, Retro's game, Metroid, or Pokemon)
  • If Labo is an initial hit, then Nintendo will double down on the casuals with the next kits in October/November. If Labo struggles, I expect Switch Sports this November.
  • Nintendo will publish 16 to 18 games for Switch in 2018 including Labo.
  • Third-party comes to Switch. I believe eventually Switch will receive third-party support similar to Gamecube did. I expect Fallout, Call of Duty, PES, DQXI, Hearthstone, Madden, GTA all in 2018. I also expect a BIG third party surprise in fall 2018. That could be Overwatch, Witcher 3, or Star Wars Rogue Squadron trilogy.
  • Nintendo purchases a third party American game developer company this year with that Switch money.
  • I think Nintendo has releases mapped out thru 2020 for Switch, with at least 5 ports ore Deluxe a year from Wii U, 3DS, and Wii/Gamecube. I expect Nintendo to have at least two more ports for 2018 other than the announced ports already.
  • I expect Smash to be a port of Smash 4 with tweaks. They will hopefully remove some characters and add new characters.
  • Wild prediction Bomberman becomes F2P with Switch paid online.


  • Xbox Game Service comes to Apple TV, Mac and possibly Switch in late 2018.
  • Xbox One X starts to receive exclusives in November 2018.
  • Xbox brings Rare Replay, Killer Instinct, or Powerstar Golf to Nintendo Switch this year.
  • Sea of Thieves is being positioned to be the next Minecraft. Eventually, if it sells well on PC and Xbox, it will come to everything that can run it starting in early 2019 including Switch and Mac.
  • Microsoft determines that being the Netflix of games and Xbox Live as the future of Xbox.


  • Sony releases an updated PS4 Pro with 4k blu-ray player.
  • Sony watches Switch very closely. Sony will need to determine if the next generation is PS5, or a combination of PS4Pro and PS4 Portable.
    Spiderman will be positioned as Sony's big game for 2018.
  • Spyro HD remake trilogy will get the Crash Bandicoot treatment and release on PS4.
  • Sony starts to offer discounts or bundle PSN with PlayStation Vue service.

Finally, I believe 2018 will be the year of mergers and acquisitions. I think EA is one to watch as a possible buyer and seller. I could see Apple, Microsoft, Disney, and Nintendo all purchasing smaller devs this year.

  • I could see Roblox, Zenimax, 2k all being acquired this year.

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The reason for my previous post is that since this is a Wishlist thread and with the transition the Industry is going thru, I think we are closer than ever to getting games that are controlled by other Platform makers like Microsoft and sony.

I can easily see Rare Replay on Switch. It might even sell better on Switch. Same can be said for killer instinct, viva pinata, and Powerstar golf.

I can just as easily see crash bandicoot trilogy coming to Switch. I could also see smaller Sony titles like Freedom Wars/ Ape Escape / Buzz go multi platform to make the case for a franchises future.

This is an interesting time. It will be interesting to see how this year plays out.

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Short term:

  • Mario Tennis Aces
  • Hyrule Warriors
  • Splatoon 2
  • Yooka Laylee physical
  • Youtube or Netflix (because I am going to travel a lot soon)


  • Virtual Console (including handheld software)
  • GTA V
  • Pokemon (2018?)
  • 2D Zelda
  • Smash Bros.


  • Metroid 4
  • Zelda BOTW sequel
  • Mario Odyssey 2
  • Luigi's Mansion 3

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Osu! Tatakae! Ouendan + Elite Beat Agents
An easy way to release the same game worldwide. Just combine both into one game.

Daigasso! Band Brothers / Jam with the Band
Yes, I love rhythm games and this series doesn't get enough attention. Switch would be the perfect platform for next Daigasso game.

Kid Icarus: Downfalling
Uprising was great. I need more. (With a better name than Downfalling, of course.)

Advance Wars
I hope they can take a break from Fire Emblem after the new one comes out and return to the Wars series.

Bring all Danganronpa games to Switch.

Project: Psync
While I'm on topic of visual novels. I want more info on Uchikoshi's new game. I'd take Zero Escape ports as well.

Pokémon spinoff game
Pokémon Pinball, Pokémon TCG, Pokémon Ranger, Pokémon Snap... Preferably something other than Mystery Dungeon or Pokémon Rumble. They are great too but I want something that hasn't had a sequel for a while. Or come up with a new one.

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Crystalis port. That's all I've ever wanted.

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I want roblox on the wishlist

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First Party:

  • Mario Golf (Not sure why as I've never REALLY played one, but I enjoyed the demo of the 3DS one)
  • Kid Icarus
  • Smash
  • some sort of Mario RPG
  • Eventually, new a new core Zelda and Mario.

3rd Party:

  • Ace Combat
  • Dead or Alive
  • DQXI (and/or Heroes I&II)
  • Senran Kagura (even a localization of that dating sim one)
  • Tales
  • Titanfall 2 (would this run?)
  • SoulCalibur
  • Final Fantasy and *Kingdom Hearts


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I'd really like to see The Nonary Games come to the Switch. Virtue's Last Reward is one of my favourite games of all time and I'd love to play 999 again since it's been a while and the added voice acting is a huge bonus. Been holding off getting it for the PS4 in hopes that it eventually comes to the Switch. Maybe even a new release that comes with the whole trilogy.

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