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Hi everyone, I just started using my Switch and I have a question I'd appreciate if you all could answer. How is the WiFi connection range for your Switch? Is it similar to another game console's (such as a Wii U) or your smartphone's? In other words, if there are 3 bars on the smartphone/game console, is the Switch also showing 3 bars or does it show less than 3? My iPhone X and my Wii U show 3 bars while my Switch (in the same area as the other two) fluctuates from 0 to 2 bars, which has gotten me kicked out of the majority of Splatoon 2 online matches I played so far.

Is my Switch defective, or is this something that is a problem with all Switches?



you need a strong signal on the switch, maybe its not a great antena or something

I use to get 1 or 2 bars and 15-16 mbps down 8 up other deives like laptops got 30mbps down 8 up

I upgraded my router now I get 3 full signal and around 35 down 10up but in comparison my laptop is now 90-100 down

but I dont think your switch is broken its just not the stongest antena

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It doesn't have the best antennae but truth be told you don't need massive Mbps for gaming. In any case a lot of the metrics people use when complaining about how bad it is are largely meaningless. The speedtest you can perform? That only tells you how fast the connection to Nintendo's servers is. If it's slower than what you can get on on your laptop that probably just says more about Nintendo's servers than anything.

And "bars"? There's no standard for what a certain amount of "bars" means. Infact if you're connected at 5Ghz WiFi AC (which the Switch supports) one "bar" is almost surely faster than three on on 2.4Ghz. And certainly more than whatever the 3DS ever connected at given it was 802.11g! If your connection is dropping out constantly? Well sure, there's an issue then. But the issue is more likely to be as a result of your average WiFi than anything else.

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I use my USB LAN adapter from the Wii (not Wii U) and it is working flawlessly. My router is not in the same room so I use DLAN - getting the connection through the power socket. This way I have WiFi in every room. I can only recommend it. Otherwise - the WiFi connectivity of the Switch is pretty bad - at least in my case. Only next to the router I have full bars. Everything less doesn't let me play Bomberman or Splatoon 2 online without being kicked out from time to time.



So I found out that my router has a 5ghz network, so I connected it to the Switch and so far it seems to be working well. I can play Splatoon matches online without disconnecting!

@ValhallaOutcast Ok that makes sense, thanks for discussing your own experience! Strange how Nintendo hasn't bothered to alter the WiFi chip since launch.

@NintendoPete Yeah that's what I'm experiencing too, only unfortunately I don't have the option to run the ethernet cable through the wall. Does your router have a 5 ghz network? Once I connected my Switch to it the Switch seems to be doing much better.

@skywake Thanks for the info. Yeah I'm definitely noticing fast speeds once I connected to the 5 ghz network. Although I'd have to disagree with your last sentence in my particular scenario. My other devices are all properly connecting to the network in the exact same area, so clearly it's not the router's problem but instead the Switch's problem. But as you said, so far the connection to the 5 ghz network is working out well.



I find no issues with the Switch Wi-Fi in my small apartment, but hotel Wi-Fi was too weak for it. Playing games online does require a strong solid connection, unlike streaming video, which can buffer in advance and keep playing if there is a off and on weaker signals.

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