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Hi guys!

So I have been loving this game, and I am always looking for more people to chat with about it!

The fact that it's a fighting game combined with puzzles is just amazing, and it's a fantastic new take on cooking games--which is exactly what the developers wanted, I think!

There is so much beautiful art to this, too! The dishes look amazing, the characters and the monsters all have personality, and the story starts out as just a general "follow your dreammmms!" kind of thing, but actually grows in conflict in ways that made me so curious to see where it would go.

And the best part of all of this, is that if the game does really well, there will be more to it!! More monsters, more playable characters, more arenas, more ingredients... GAH the list goes on, and I need more, more, MORE!

It's really inspired me in a lot of ways, too! I'm going to practice animating some things, and drawing backgrounds, because I've really loved the designs and I want to see if I can capture the feelings I feel when playing this game.

But I wanna know how you guys feel about it, too! Have you tried the challenges yet, and do you enjoy them? Who is your favorite character, and who would you rather roast to crisp deliciousness over an open flame? What would you love to see added to the game, if you could do anything with it?

(And, if you wanna, there's a Reddit and Discord out there for BCB too! There are a lot of really fun, incredibly nice people on there who know tons of tips and tricks, so PM me if you wanna join!)



I have seen some videos of this game. It looks good!



I sunk about 10 hours into it over the weekend. I am totally in love with the game although I will admit that I don't like playing as Thrash after I've gotten so used to Mina.

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Just watched the Steam videos for this game today. Looks fun, and far more suited to the Switch than a PC. Seriously considering getting it, but I've sunk about $1K in games over the past 45 days across all platforms for me and my sons, so having to slow my spending a bit before I get more. But this is near the top of my Switch list when I start buying again. Will keep an eye on the topic to see what others think of the game.



I really like this game. I just beat Knife, Spoon, and Fork (on Normal difficulty, but still) and started Chapter 5.



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