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I'd rather see them just do simple ports for all the games.
Nothing fancy, don't add anything, just get it on there, considering the few people that actually bought WiiU.
In terms of profits, it's a lot smarter, the major demographic of Switch buyers don't need an incentive to buy those games considering how unlikely it is that they have already played them. Only a major title like Super Smash should be remade or just get a sequel.



Yep, I don't need a Deluxe-Switch-version of Paper Mario Color Splash, Bayonetta 1+2, or Tokyo Mirage Sessions. A simple port would be good enough for me to buy day one. (I have 300 games on my Wii U, and cannot download anymore without deleting old games first).

For Smash and Mario Maker though, I expect more than just a simple port.

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Depending on if Sakurai is up to smash 5 or not I could see a deluxe port of smash 4 happening (if they could update smash run to wiiu/switch graphics and merge in all the stages that would be unexpected but fantastic) Atlus may want to increase its ROI and port #FE which is really really good (back to working on it again) and it is a shame people let that one die (I did my part...I own it twice). Other than that I would see Nintendo doing more sequels (they got lucky with the arcade difference in pokken to push a deluxe edition- I'm grateful now mind you) but not sure what else they would bring over otherwise in lieu of making a new game. If platinum made a sequel of its games I could see them porting the previous entries but that is it.

What I would love to see is devs that have a strong non Nintendo library to port over (which is starting to happen so yay!). Vanillaware for example. I would love their whole catalog on switch and I would gladly doubledip.

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