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@Kimyonaakuma Ok. Yea I should probably just call them... was just curious if I could get around buying Hotspot data and just use the unlimited cell data I have. Thanks for the help

@DTMOF84 ok, thanks for the info.
And yea I didn't look at how old the post was. I just googled "how to tether Switch to iphone" and this is what I found. I assumed it was somewhat recent because it's about the Switch, and the Switch has only been out 8 or so months.

I've read several things from people "tethering" the laptops to their phones, and it gives their laptop internet and they say it doesn't use "hotspot" data, it only uses the cell phone data, which would be ideal. I was hoping IF that worked, I could just bring teh dock with me, since the Switch itself doesn't have a USB port. Oh well, I'll just probably have to figure it out through trial and error.

I just know I want to be able to play Rocket League on my lunch breaks here in a couple weeks lol



@DTMOF84 No need for those passive aggressive remarks. If you're referring to this thread, the user hasn't been active since he made that thread. He never left a comment on any other thread/article, creating that thread was all he ever did. I see no reason to keep it alive when the OP itself clearly doesn't care. It's just a bit of common sense.



Basically, you need hotspot as part of your mobile service package, and obviously your phone needs to be capable of doing it. If you have anything modern you have the ability to do hotspot. The question is whether your service provides the NAT type necessary for online gaming.

I think the consensus thus far is that you need Verizon if you want to use your phone as a mobile hotspot for wifi. I have Verizon and I am able to play games online anywhere by connecting to the wifi signal provided by my phone's hotspot. A lot of others here who have hotspot we're on able to actually play games online because the NAT was the wrong type. Although it could very from game to game. We know Splatoon 2 restricts NAT type.

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Can someone plz help me! I can connect my switch to my mobile hotspot and i can download games and check news and access some online features but whenever i try to join a lobby or play online its just say it couldnt connect please help me!



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