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Nintendo's tournament for Smash Bros. is holding its final Qualifiers round and I'm just wondering how does anybody feel about items being on in a time match.

Does anybody think it's bad that it isn't the standard competitive rules or that the competitive Smash players complaining are just being self-entitled for Nintendo not conforming to their preferred rules?



muna1000 wrote:

Something has quite recently struck me, and is disturbing me unmistakably more than it should:

The Super Mario Bros.2 arrange is called 'Mushroom Kingdom 2', yet SMB2 isn't set in the Mushroom Kingdom, it happens in Subcon.

On subject, I got 9.9 with King K.Rool. Not my most loved character to utilize, just appears to be especially helpful for Classic mode.

W... what?

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They're self-entitled whiners. Items are as much part of the game as special moves, and they can hold their own tournament if they don't like the way Nintendo does it.



does anybody have any tips for getting used to different fighter? this is my first smash bros game ever and i started with kirby because he was the only fighter in world of light, and i’ve actually beaten world of light with him, but i can’t seem to get used to any other fighters. i can beat many legends with kirby but i have trouble beating even some novices with other fighters. i know there’s the training mode, but anything else?
edit: i have not beat world of light, i’m up to the very final battle, you know the one where you get three fighters. i go as far as i can with kirby but i always die and then it’s hopeless cause he’s the only fighter i can use :/

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@Arbor Play Classic mode with different characters


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Playing in online battle arenas marked "Playground" is often a pretty interesting experience, to say the least.

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@Euler I can understand the more competitive crowd since I usually play with rule sets like that but if Nintendo is going to use items, why won't they go all out with things like Spirits and Stage Morphing?

I guess like playing games of extremes where I play highly serious or highly casual. Nintendo is in the middle by having items on low which gives me the impression that they are trying to cater to both sides and I'm not sure that will work well.

But if that's how Nintendo wants it, I guess there's no point complaining about it. Either adapt to the rule set or make a formal request.

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@Elvie Who’s to say they won’t have different rulesets (spirits, stage morphs, whatever that elimination roster thing is called) in the future? The Nintendo World Championships feature all kinds of games, both retro and modern, and they’re different every year. You have to be on your toes and ready for anything if you want to win. Yet John Numbers made it to the finals two years in a row because he was so versatile.



@Elvie They do have a point, we should get rid of all randomness in Smash Bros. Let’s ban Peach and Mr G&W due to their side and down special ‘s effectiveness completely depending on random odds! /s

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@Mrtoad Under conditions like that, I would have to abandon all hope of playing Smash professionally because I main with Mr. Game & Watch.



just here to say, **** the 18 volt spirit battle. What obnoxious garbage.

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@kkslider5552000 I feel like I'm the only person who had very little trouble with that battle. Why is it considered to be so hard?

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18-Volt was infuriating, even after having plenty of maxed out legend spirits. I still say the AI needs fixing, especially when fighting multiple CPUs. Even with team battles enabled and on level 2, I notice they are very viscous against human players. My CPU team were just...being level 2 CPUs, while the opponents were all going level 9 on me. And of course I lose all of my lives, they go back to being level 2s and the battle seems very tame and slow compared to when they were targeting me. -.-

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Don't remember exactly how I did it, but an Assist Trophy killer spirit (such as, well, the Sheriff) will make short work of the Sheriff Assist trophy. Take him out first.

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@Euler what is the "classic ticket trick"

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Understandably, there has been people criticizing Ultimate for having a traditional, ranked leaderboard in favor of G.S.P.. I get that this is inconvenient but if people want a leaderboard, couldn't they just go online, set up one, and update it every week or so?



After having played this game a lot, I do believe jumps have too much importance. Like, everything you do is centered around small jumps. The ground game is lacking. I often find myself playing against swordfighters, and the only thing they ever do is to jump around constantly using nair or similar. Then you have to have patience and wait for the right moment to counter through their pattern. I think it's a very boring way to play, but maybe that's just me.



@Lolimon Players in Ultimate do jump a lot, especially sword fighters like Ike, Cloud and Shulk. You have to learn how to deal with it and when you do, you will gain the advantage. Players who think they can win by hopping around are just plain predictable. Certain characters can very easily counter their aerial game. My favourite counter is to use Mii Swordfighter and launch tornados in the air. You can also surprise them by releasing a charged shot in the air. Some characters with powerful up-smashes like Ganondorfs can also make it hard for them to approach you.

I agree that it's a boring way to play, but I'd argue that any strategy that involves only a few moves is boring. It's their loss really because all of those strategies have a counter.

I reached Elite with Samus and Dark Samus this week. I stopped using Samus in a linear way like the majority does. Projectiles are a powerful tool in the air. You don't follow up a grounded projectile with another grounded projectile. The opponent has reached you before you know it just by hopping over them. Always try to put pressure in the air as well.

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@ALinkToMyProfile How’d you like the subtle differences between the two? I’ve found myself preferring Dark Samus due to its ‘floaty’ feel.

I’ve not really gotten the impression that the air game is overused. It could be due to the fighters and play style I have, but I’ve never come across folks that persist in relying on air alone. At least not after they lose a stock because they’re trying to beat my anti-air


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