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Lol, they sold me on the seasonpass already. Glad they're announcing these much quicker than I expected

What a beautiful signature.

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I've subbed to the online! It's about time.

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@ReaderRagfish Awesome!! Though now I don’t know who you are on Switch.
This game is so fluid. I played some WoL, a couple Smash matches to unlock Ness. Now the bed is calling me. I’ll be up early tho

Enjoy everyone!!


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@HobbitGamer My Switch name is Leemin. I've been having some good matches with Fish Stick.

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@ReaderRagfish okie dokie!! I’m off tomorrow and already have lunch and smashing scheduled with a bestie. Maybe I’ll make her use Fishstick, too 😂
If you play online tonight lemme know how it stands up.


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...So the way I played in past games, it was chaotic, turn on only Pokeballs, Assist Trophies, Smash Balls, and a few other items. Have the spawn rate on high and it's just chaos everywhere and have stock battles. It's even more chaotic in this game, usually I win with ease even with high level CPUs but this time I was on my last stock. Don't ask why I play this way, lol.

I also recorded the fight, so I'll upload it eventually, dunno if I'll post it here, though.

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scubydo wrote:

Anyone know if this will be like the WiiU version where if someone else played it on the same WiiU under their "ID" it still unlocked everything and kinda ruined the fun, or does EACH person/account on the same switch have their very own file???? For example on the WiiU me and my son each had an account on the same WiiU and when he played Smash it unlocked it for both of us with just having one save file. On the switch we have the same setup so I am hoping that it will allow each of us to have our very own save file and not unlock everything on my end when he plays.

Each user can have their own profile.

I'm the only person that uses my Switch, but even if there were multiple users, I would prefer that everybody used the same account (mainly because I want to unlock the entire roster as soon as possible). I am also not interested in playing online, so, stats are meaningless to me.

World of Light has three separate save slots per profile, and each user can have a list of names with customisable control settings like in the Wii U version.

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This game really is gorgeous undocked. This is going to the perfect replacement for Smash 3DS.

I ought to bring my Switch with me on my next convention trip and see if anybody challenges me to Smash like they did with the 3DS version.



Holy ****, they REALLY buffed Link. His up/down airs are absolute monsters, and the overall faster speed does absolute wonders for his Smash attacks.

I can't wait to unlock Wolf and see how his Smash attacks were buffed, because his Smash attacks were the best in Brawl.

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Anyone see the download code in japan for the fighters pass?


Also Nintendo Japan running a competion to play Smash in a movie theatre?

One more thing, thought I would get the fighter pass through the Nintendo UK site whilest at work, but it comes up with:


Wonder if it's because I haven't actually played the game yet, still waiting on Amazon to deliver it

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Finally the postman’s here

Edit. I’m staring at it


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I really wish they offered the steelbook without the pro controller. If they did, I missed out on it. I hear it can be a bit difficult to keep track of your character due to the more realistic lighting and sped up nature of the game. If this is an issue and not just a small handful of people, I'd love to see them re-incorporate the 3DS thing with the outlines.



It finally came! I wasn’t sure the special edition was available in the UK after hearing a while back that others had their orders cancelled by Amazon and there was talk going around that the GameCube controllers were being delayed in the UK.

So I’m really happy I got mine. Though as always is the way, everything happens last minute meaning all my free time is now taken up by other things. So probably won’t be playing this anytime soon



Hope everyone is enjoying Smash. How’s the online functioning? How are people finding the matchmaking on there? Trying to decide if I’m gonna buy! Cheers

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Mine hasn't arrived yet. Hopefully tomorrow.

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Just got my copy, here we go!

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Will be getting the game itself, but just wanted some thoughts on the feasibility of certain characters for the Season Pass, specifically Goku from Dragonball, and Sabre from Fate/Stay Night. The former originated in a manga, and the latter's original title is probably not one Nintendo would want associated with their flagship title (for certain content, though I'll admit Bayonetta does kind of push the envelope on that) but I'm curious what other people think.

I'll get the Season Pass ASAP, and I'm prepared to have memed myself for not waiting and getting characters I'm don't like, but I figure if they're more likely than I think, I may as well prep myself for their possible reveals.



I managed to get a few minutes of gameplay but for now, I’m only playing the single player portion. So not managed to try out any online matches yet. Hope Nintendo have a good infrastructure in place. Won’t go down well if people start reporting connection problems.



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I didn't get the steelbook with the special edition, did any of you?


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