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@Sanya_Claus OMG, another name change....between you and whoever the eel is this month, nobody will ever know who not to flip off

@PikPi @AlternateButtons I fear there was something wrong with the launch batch of Pros. I had two in my house. One the left stick developed massive drift and was barely used. The other, still works fine but has a creakiness moving up and down as though a rubber collar is rubbing against something, like the old PC flight joystics with the rubber skirt that covered the spring and ball.

Still, I bought a cheap wired Horipad to abuse with MHGU and Smash.



So.. anyone not received their Piranha code either yet? Yes, I checked my spam inbox several times, it did not arrive. Pre-ordered digitally on the eShop early november in the US eShop..

I'm in Europe, and I can't seem to find any e-mail on Nintendo US support, only by telephone. I contacted Nintendo Europe earlier to ask if they could see why it wasn't sent yet, but alas no reply since 2 weeks. What's the deal here? Anyone else have the same problem?

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I'm pretty sure you get Piranha as long as you register the game before sometime in February next year...

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@subpopz from the moment you did the preorder, is what I've seen confirmed.

@Sanya_Claus the registration you mention is with the physical edition, not the digital one. The latter ought to be 'automatic'. I've not seen any people mentioning they didn't get it, a month after preorder, that is why I'm a bit worried.



@Megal0maniac Well did you check your Nintendo Account settings to see if the option to receive emails from Nintendo is ticked?

You're not going to receive the email if you haven't got it ticked.

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I'm playing the game now. I'm European and it's already past 0:00 so it's Friday here. I feel like I'm better than all of you.



@Agriculture You’re the noble to my peasant. Happy Smashing!!


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Bf and I have decided to make the very unwise decision to go for a midnight release. Unwise because we need to be up by 6am, haha. But it's always kind of special to do something like that for a game every once in a while



@NEStalgia Those were pretty decent controllers. After some update they ended up getting some input lag though.

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Hallelujah! My Pro Controller and my copy of the game has shipped and will be arriving tomorrow. So hyped!

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Made the mistake of going through the soundtracks - I no longer want to play Smash, I want to play F-Zero!!

So far I’ve discovered I hate the default button layout (easily changed), I hate Kirby (or more likely he hates me controlling him so badly), I love the soundtracks & WoL/spirits seems reeeeally in-depth...

On that last point, Kotaku’s reviewer was not a fan of WoL. At all. Haven’t read a lot of other reviews yet (apart from NL’s) but was interesting; reviewer is a long term smash fan who hated the mode (despite otherwise loving the game) whereas it’s all i’ve really played so far?



@BrainOfGrimlock Huh, all the reviews I've read so far have enjoyed WoL to varying degrees. Figures there's someone who can't stand it though.



Yeah it seemed odd to me, but then it was WoL’s reveal in the direct that convinced me to get it (as a non-online player generally) so guess I was already sold on it - point me at a skill tree and i’ll be climbing around in it for hours!




I’m a firm believer in the notion that there’s no such thing as a “professional reviewer.” It’s just some guy or girl with an opinion. And it’s often a stupid opinion based on limited understanding or experience. Or just plain crappy taste.

I’ve hated music, art, film, games, etc. that were highly rated, and loved ones that some “professional,” irately typing away at his laptop with a bag of Cheetos, trashed.

Screw that guy. He means nothing. It’s your opinion that matters to you, and no one else’s.

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@BrainOfGrimlock Well, this is Kotaku we're talking about.

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@Ryzaerian oh yeah ofc, zero poo’s given - i’m enjoying it a lot already so knickers to anyone who doesn’t!

@ReaderRagfish yeah it’s a bit of a pleasure/pain thing with Kotaku. There aren’t (unsurprisingly) many sites with localised Aussie game info/release dates so we kinda have to take what we can get. The useful local stuff aside, a lot of the content is pasted over from the US though and whilst there I end up reading it - the quality of it varies wildly though.

In the reviewers defence they did love pretty much everything else about the game so I think it was a legit disconnect? Didn’t feel like (fault for faults sake) but was interesting nonetheless!



PSA. The boxed version (at least in Australia) only includes the steelbook. No standard case.

Not a dealbreaker, but disappointing all the same, especially considering the ridicuous asking price.


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Anyone know if this will be like the WiiU version where if someone else played it on the same WiiU under their "ID" it still unlocked everything and kinda ruined the fun, or does EACH person/account on the same switch have their very own file???? For example on the WiiU me and my son each had an account on the same WiiU and when he played Smash it unlocked it for both of us with just having one save file. On the switch we have the same setup so I am hoping that it will allow each of us to have our very own save file and not unlock everything on my end when he plays.

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Game is awesome, we've been on it for almost 7 hours straight! Well worth the wait!



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