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@-Green- I agree, my wife and I both noticed that.

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Mario HAD to be wearing Cappy. Surely. Imagine the move set.

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Judi wrote:

Or Nintendo is good as creating mystique to build hype. (Hint: they are)

Or Nintendo are intentionally creating confusing advertisements so you won't know what you're actually buying.

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@Haru17 Let's be honest, it's a Smash Wii U port with a few added stages and a new character or two. That should be a surprise to nobody.



@Octane So that's worth hyping? Mario Kart 8 Deluxe was not even mentioned at Nintendo Switch presentation in 2017 & it came out more than 3 months later.


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@Haru17 I mean, if you feel like you have to order it right now, but there's no real advantage to doing that over waiting until more details are released. Kind of a non-issue.

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@backup368 It's Smash. Of course they'll hype it up. Wrap it in a new cover and sell it as a new game: Smash Bros. for Switch. Nobody will notice.



But how would the Inklings even work?


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Only way I’ll get this is by trading in the 3ds and Wii u version
All that dlc will be gone

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@Octane That's been my assumption, but the cadence of their trailer is that of a new game. They didn't say what it was, that's the problem.

Anyway, I'm looking forward to them destroying Link's playstyle like Breath of the Wild did to Zelda's unique puzzle-y genre. Semi /s, I never got terribly good at his projectile attacks anyway. And it's definitely time for Mario's cape and Fludd to be replaced with a cap toss, roll, or something along those lines.

It'd be nice if more of these legacy characters got revamps. I recognize that now would be an incredibly ironic time to give the Ganondorf character an identity given that he didn't have one in Breath, but I'd still like for him to get his own actual playstyle rather than Captain Falcon's D-tier cousin.

Splatoon was obvious in terms of new characters, but Nintendo doesn't exactly have many obvious examples from recent games. They've more mascots than characters really. And putting Springman in would be kind of strange, because he's already in a Nintendo fighting game and there's no way many of those characters are getting into Smash. It'd be nice if they brought some old standout characters back; Vivian, Midna, someone from Metroid Prime and Luigi's Mansion.

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Almost certainly a port due to announcement and release timing, but I imagine it'll be way more "enhanced" than MK8DX.

For starters we already have a new character. MK introduced new characters but they don't affect the core experience as much as in Smash.
Nintendo have the full selection of Wii U and 3DS stages to go back to.
We know there's Breath of the Wild Link - new skin, or will this influence his moveset?
Will Mario have a cappy move?
etc etc.

Plus 2018 is only launch. They can continue to update it post-launch. Even if it is a port, it can evolve into a game completely different from Smash 4.

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backup368 wrote:

But how would the Inklings even work?

Notice how nobody cares if it's a port or not?

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i'm just gonna call it Smash Bros until nintendo confirmed that it's a port or not.
if it is a port. Please Nitendo included both the 3ds and Wii U version. if it's not than cool.
also press release from Nintendo said.

Nintendo Switch Super Smash Bros. (working title): The Super Smash Bros. series comes to Nintendo Switch in 2018. The teaser trailer featured recognizable faces like Mario, Link and the Inklings from the Splatoon series.

so, take that as you well. but, i don't really care because it's smash. just, as long as it adds new stuff (other then the inkling,)

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im creep out with thoese eyes... :P

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That was an excellent reveal in the Direct. I think we all knew this game was coming but a lot of us thought it would be announced at E3, not today.

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@Meowpheel Yes. What is of note is the copyright. This product specifically is copyright 2018. If it was a port, like every other Wii U port, it would be release year-2018

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Whether or not I get this will depend on how much it has changed from the Wii U version. That one was my first true Smash Bros.

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