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If I remember correctly, the wiiu also had problems with the ice climbers on 8 player smash.

Yeah I don’t know either.

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Only real gripe I can say is that there are lots of characters i’d love to see be playable characters being made as assist trophies like Lyn, Krystal, Knuckles, etc., but I take that more as Sakurai trying to compromise considering he said there won’t be many newcomers this time around. On the other SNAKE IS BACK

Alright now I need a new character to support, i’d Love simon Belmont

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Isaac from Golden Sun remains my top pick.

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@DarthNocturnal Same here. Him, Chibi-Robo, and Dillon are probably my top three characters at this point.



Issac and Rex + Pyra/Mythra are all I need. Come on Camelot, give us Golden Sun 4!

Echo Fighters make me extremely hyped though. I'd love to see Shadow for Sonic, Raiden for Snake, Ninten for Ness, Ken for Ryu, Zero/Proto Man for Mega Man, Jeanne for Bayonetta, and Dark Samus for Samus.

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@Megas75 I'm pretty sure "not many newcomers" just means there will only be 10 at most as opposed to 12 like the previous games (unique newcomers anyway).

@EvilLucario The chances for Issac and K. Rool are debatable. Sure, Ridley got in but every Smash game had at least one big in the West character to show up. We only saw two real newcomers so far and Inkling was pretty much a given.

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I’d really like to see a stage set on Sakurai’s desk and/or a Sakurai fighter.

Eapecially a good tribute if this is really his last game. This time I believe it, this is the culmination of everything he has done with the series. It really can’t get much bigger and keep all of the 3rd party characters.

It is really an “Ultimate” state of video games. There aren’t just a ton more that could be added outside of smaller fan bases, maybe a few more 3rd party characters (ie Crash, Conker)

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Isabelle isnt confirmed as an Assist Trophy yet. maybe shell be an echo fighter for villager?

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I think the Smash 4 ballot may have played a big role in the roster for Smash Ultimate regarding characters not in Smash 4. If you take out the joke requests like Shrek and Goku you're probably left with the characters confirmed at E3 as well as characters like Isaac and King K Rool.


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Grumblevolcano wrote:

I think the Smash 4 ballot may have played a big role in the roster for Smash Ultimate regarding characters not in Smash 4. If you take out the joke requests like Shrek and Goku you're probably left with the characters confirmed at E3 as well as characters like Isaac and King K Rool.

I would of been shocked if Inklings weren't included regardless of the ballot, it's become such a big for Nintendo that it would amazing for it to be ignored.

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If Nintendo vs. Capcom isn't in the near future, having Monster Hunter alongside Mega Man & Ryu would be a great tribute to three of their biggest franchises.

Oh, and Octolings were made to be echos for Inklings. For reference, here's a scale of how "clone-y" a character is;

1. Palette Swap: Absolutely no difference other than appearance. (Alph, Koopalings)
2. Echo Fighter: Identical moveset and physical attributes, but moves themselves have different stats or effects (Daisy, Lucina, Dark Pit)
3. Semi-clone: Varying amount of distinct moves, but at least one. In addition to different move attributes, may also have things like different movement speed or weight (Falco, Ganondorf, Pichu, Young Link, Dr. Mario, Luigi, Toon Link, Roy).

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@meleebrawler Having seen Ganondorf in action, does he even count as a semi-clone these days? He only shares four moves with the good captain as far as I can tell. And on the note of Echoes, echoes typically either have stat changes that make them non-competitive (so balancing isn't messed with, i.e. making Lucina more beginner friendly by spreading the damage along her sword) or only have a different final smash (Dark Pit, and I'd wager Daisy will be in this boat too. Doesn't affect competitive balancing since Final Smashes are banned there.) since we know that Echo fighters don't get separately balanced from the person they're copied from, I don't think we'll see any changes outside of those categories.



@link3710 I think his down aerial is actually a Super Mario World reference when Mario does that Cape Spiral attack.His down aerial was originally his down+B in Melee which was before Galaxy.

His up+B with Cappy is only cosmetic and I was hoping a Odyssey based move would replace the Sunshine down+B because 70% of the time it is not practical for use.

I want to add that changing Mario's move set really isn't at the top of my list for move set updates but I mentioned him because it would be kind of a cool thing to see.



@link3710 While most of the semi clones have fairly different move-sets, they still feel VERY similar in terms of playstyle.

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My top hopes are still Captain Toad and Banjo. Please Nintendo 😭

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@TheTetrisGuy For Banjo to get in, Microsoft must no longer own him.

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Do they no longer own Halo then? Minecraft on Switch got the Halo mash-up pack.

Also, several Rare games (a few Banjo games among them) were officially published for GBA and DS, while Rare was still owned by Microsoft.

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If this game doesn't bring in Dark Samus and someone from Shadows of Valentia as Echo Fighters, I'm calling missed opportunity.

...someone will get this joke, I hope.

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