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As a new Switch owner and my only two games being Mario Kart and Zelda, where I still have so much to do and play, what should my next game be: Super Mario Odyssey or Splatoon 2?



Mario is must have... I think it will beat Zelda for GOTY.

Splatoon 2 I haven’t played, I never played the first one either... I personally prefer “real” shooters... so Doom multiplayer is awesome for me... but if you liked the first one or you think you will like shooting ink around it might be better for you.

I’m sure Splatoon 2 will have a large online community, Doom multiplayer has a lot of people playing as well atm.

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@Thoffman If Splatoon 2 hooks you like the original hooked me, it could offer you endless hours of fun. I put more hours into the original than any other game I've played in my 35+ years of gaming. It's crazy fun and there's really nothing else quite like it.

Then there is Mario Odyssey, what a game it is. It might not offer you as much potential play time as Splatoon 2 can but it's an incredible experience and as games go is as much of a "must have" as you can get. I'm not even too far into the adventure yet but as a huge Mario fan I can already tell I'm playing what will become one of my all time favourites. Well deserving of every single bit of praise it's received.

Whatever you choose you can't go wrong really. Just make sure you get both eventually

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Splatoon 2 is rather barebones at the moment, go with mario. One of the best games ever made!



I prefer Mario Odyssey, I'd say Mario. Splatoon 2 is a good game too anyway. If you prefer online multiplayer rather than single player games you could prefer Splatoon 2.

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@Thoffman Mario if you want a singleplayer experience, Splatoon if you rather have an online multiplayer. Both are must-haves imo.

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Mario if you want single player, Splatoon if you want multiplayer. Both are stellar games, it comes down to taste.

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Mario Odyssey. I still think you should pick up Splatoon 2 later on, but Mario would be the better choice IMO, especially since Splatoon 2 can only improve with time as Nintendo adds new weapons and maps and whatnot.



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