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My game is not working properly. Normally I can use the D-Pad to navigate the menu around the borders but now I can not access them unless I use the touch pad. The left analog stick moves Mario around but I can not place him anywhere. This is making it impossible to create a level as I use the D-Pad to choose where to place items.

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@J-Plap Hold down ZR while you're next to someone. Let go of the button to throw.

@Joeynator3000 Same here, my latest level wasn't played by people for a few days when I first uploaded it.

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I'm sure it has come up here before, but it's REALLY annoying how red coins, keys/keydoors and checkpoints work. When you're collecting red coins and touch a checkpoint, it saves the amount of coins you collected up to that point. All well and good. But after the very instant you collect the last coin and receive the key and then die, you respawn at the last checkpoint with NO COINS COLLECTED!!
The same goes with keys received in other ways and unlocked doors. If you have a key or have unlocked a door and touch a checkpoint and then die, you will respawn without a key and with all doors tightly locked.

This makes some level designs impossible and others very frustrating. You can't really make collecting red coins for a door the main feature of a long level, because it's possible to die after getting all coins and then you're forced to do it all over again.

I wish the checkpoint saved the current state just as it is. In the case of red coins it should respawn you in the same state that you were when you touched the checkpoint. If you had collected 4/5 coins when touching the checkpoint and then collect the fifth coin and then die, you will respawn with no coins collected. It should respawn you with 4/5 coins collected, just as you had when you reached the checkpoint!!

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I played 70+ online matches, its fun but thats that haha, you miss so much playing the levels to rush trough it

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Playing a course in single player after playing versus multiplayer feels like slicing butter with a warm knife after trying to cut wood with a hatchet all in one slice

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Nintendo should make match-making based on your internet speed. Bad internet VS bad internet and good internet VS good internet.

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In course-creation mode, is there a quick way to zap Mario back to the start, so the level can be played from the beginning with everything reset? The only way I know to do it is to drag Mario backward through the whole course, which is a bit tedious. Thanks in advance.

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I guess Nintendo never added a super mario bros. 2 theme for SMM because that it´s too different with other mecanisms than the other super marios but now that 3D World has been added as a bonus theme working differently shouldn´t they add super mario bros. 2 theme likewise, isn´t it the most requested theme for SMM from the nintendo-fans, what do you think, maybe as a dlc for SMM2? Not that they wait with it for a 3rd installment only as the next selling factor



I'd like to see a 64 style (Mario has more of his acrobatic moves from 64, plus his punching/ kicking attacks. Also, his special Caps (Wing, Metal, Vanishing) and Koopa Shell surfing), and Sunshine style (FLUDD. Nuff said).

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@Galarian_Lassie The -/SELECT button restarts the level but not from the beginning. I have to scroll all the way back then press Y to bring Mario back to the start. There should be a way to zap back to the beginning and start the level fresh.

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@Burning_Spear Don’t just tap the select button, try holding down the select button until the clipboard turns completely red and you should start at the beginning of the level.

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Oh gosh darn it I spend a good long while speed running my latest level to have an impressive clear check time and when I finally do it, the server is undergoing maintenance and I can't upload it.

Thanfully it seems the game remembers I already passed the clear check...

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Course upload has been upped to 64 courses (compared to the original 32 course limit), with it being promised that it’ll be raised again.

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@Moshugan That is why most red coin levels have what is called a safety coin by the door so that you can safely beat the level without losing all of the coins. I made a red coin level and the worst part was the clear check lol

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What do you do in super Mario maker. Do you just make different level.


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