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Wow, that's rude from Nintendo to do that.

$15/15€ for only 1 Amiibo and he has kind of 40 of them... He's going to be happy (cough) :/

Thank you for the answer Morpheel.

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Skinny Mario LIVES!!! Come knock on our doooor.


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anyone wanna try out my 2nd ever made level, my first puzzle one? took me 4 hours to upload it XD



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Had it on preorder, couldn't wait to get it. Now that I have it it seems that most user created courses I tried were broken or just plain crap. Or simpler: not of my taste at all. All in all I can appreciate how very well made this game is, but I fear that I don't have the time to learn all its secrets and little hidden tips and features, so I might return it and get a more classic super mario experience... anyone else sharing my sentiment? I fear I might have grown up i.e. not having much time to learn how to use the editor...

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@Scollurio you can choose which kind of level you want to get like platformer, puzzle, timer, side scroller etc.. Also you can choose between easy, normal, expert and super expert


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I think all the February Direct stages are in story mode.


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Is there any possibility to see which levels you have playes already in all the lists?



@Timbox you can see it clicking on your profile then the once you have played and the ones you have hearted can be seen. On top if there is a red or white flag, you have played it. red means you have beatten it, white means you have give up


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@MisterDevil ah, now I see the flags and hearts in the list. Awesome, thanks!

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Playing random courses in courseworld I've been really pleasantly surprised so far that I've had a much better selection of reasonably inventive and fair courses than I ever got on SMM1. Still the odd terrible course but the hit rate is much much better.

Hopefully this is a sign that the algorithms behind the scenes are working much better.


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@Timbox you are welcome


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Reminder for the future me:

Make sure the player can always either move on or die without having to restart the whole level.

Anyway, I made a portal parody level. Unfortunately there’s no way to keep a constant supply of wooden boxes in the sm3dw style, otherwise I would have added a companion box reference.

Also, is it just me or is the level sharing article broken?

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@Morpheel I don't know about broken, but in my opinion I don't like it. For one thing, its an article so you'll have to take your time to go back to it. If it were a website, it'd be so much better. Also, it shows all the levels at once, and it's hard to scroll to the comments

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....Starting on a new's not the insanely confusing one I was thinking of making, but this one will still make your head hurt. (hopefully, lol)

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Well...I deleted my Whispy woods level so I could reupload it with a fix to make it easier and so you couldn't actually skip the fight....turns out you don't save maker points if you delete a level.

Anyways, for those who want some boss battles, here is a few I made.

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VS. Gluttony the Cyclops: WQ5-K7S-59G

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So what's even the point of co op level making? I tried it yesterday and it just seemed like a bad idea that didn't work well. Am I missing something?

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I have cleared the story mode, did really enjoy it.
Who did finish it also?

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