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NorseGamerTommy wrote:

On a second note, I wish that this soundtrack would be in the game to match the beat to the blinky blocks lol

My favorite part of the game

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Anyone that ordered from Nintendo UK's Online Store had their order dispatched yet? Mine seems to have not yet been sent.



I've got the stylus sent to me, with the digital purchase. Tomorrow is the day alright

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Anyone know why the rotten mushroom isn't appearing when I turn to night time? It's still just a regular 1-up.

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So - a question.

I love MARIO games. I’m old enough to have played every one from the release day even the NES original.

However, I don’t have a creative bone in my body and the idea of creating a large complex level bores me.

I would therefore be interested in this to play user created courses, and also design ultra simple levels to give to my three year old who loves MARIO but isn’t able to play even the simplest Nintendo level yet.

Would this be worth a purchase for me? Has anyone ever used it to design simple levels to introduce toddlers to playing?



@norwichred yes it’s perfect for that. I did the same for my son when Mario Maker for Wii u came out. Made simple levels for him but now he’s a creator. It’s a perfect game. Even if you don’t creat levels. There is a lot of enjoyment of completing others

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Maybe in an update we'll be able to use it wherever you want, anyways did people get this game early or something?

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Absolutely. If you've read certain reviews, creating has a sort of learning curve, but it's not a problem if the levels you're making are super simple. Also, I've heard t's great if you just want to play others' levels.

Go for it. Hope you enjoy!

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Well, I got this game a day early, and have been playing it all day, whilst playing Virtua Racing between breaks.

A level I have uploaded is a coin hunting level. Course ID is L0L-DTY-Q0H




Alright, I brought back my 1-1 Advanced Remix, it's a bit easier than the original, though.

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Will be picking it up after work (maybe with a copy of Bloodstained as well). Can't wait! Don't know if I'll be making a lot of my own levels, but I'm excited to test other's creations as well as Nintendo's own Story Mode.

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@1UP_MARIO Great pic (on the previous page)!

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My first level is a fairly straightforward vertical course: 6NH-JRH-3CG (or maker name chardir) The current record time is 56s, if you'd like a challenge

What kind of levels do people like to play? Seems like there are a lot of deliberately hard levels, but I would think most people want some easier stuff too?

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chardir wrote:

What kind of levels do people like to play?

Ooh hang on while I summarise the tastes of about 5 million people...

There's an audience for every kind of level - simple, intermediate, puzzle, XXHard, novelty, troll. Try for one of each to begin with.

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Had an experiment with some creating last night, managed 3 levels (2 i've uploaded, the 3rd i can't beat as of yet, but it's the hardest one). Might re-jig it to make it either easier or a little more bearable.

Probably going to give the story mode a shot later.



@Quarth thanks 😀


Can’t play it until work😢

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Just received my parcel from Nintendo UK store. I ordered the limited edition with pad and steelbook. They sent a standard edition and e mailed me an NSO code instead.

I was just wondering if there is any difference in packaging/leaflets/stickers on the box? (Question for those who own either of or both the physical versions)




Played it all lunch, but when searching, you can't search by "Levels made by friends", was this not there in the original too??

This is a big oversight in my mind


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