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Yes, it's even on the Switch!

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This is great.


No love for the EX series but then Arika has the licence

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I love Street Fighter Alpha 2 I'm excited about this! Great news!
I like a lot Street Fighter 2 and Street Fighter Alpha 3 too! I hope the world tour mode will be included! Even if it won't it's still a great collection!

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Street Fighter 3: 3rd Strike is by far my favorite of the bunch. So glad to see it will get online support as well.
Wondering who's going to bother with Street Fighter 2' Hyper Fighting online though. Super Street Fighter 2 Turbo is far superior.



Along with the excellent and severely underrated Ultra Street Fighter II and the fact all of them can be played on the TV, handheld or portable console mode with seamless transition, Switch will be the absolute best platform there is to play the back catalog of classic SF games.

I like how the classics are being sold in packages now. All the classic NES Mega Man games. All the classic SNES Mega Man X games. All the classic SNES/Genesis/PS games. If only Nintendo would start doing the same.

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I am gonna be bodying guys online with alpha 3 and third strike. Third strike is still my favourite SF game. Seriously the amount of hours I have invested in that game on Dreamcast and arcade is ridiculous. Should have been way more popular when it was first released.

Definite major thanks to the people who bought USFII on switch. You guys made this happen.



I yelled a huge YES when I saw the Switch box at the end of the trailer. XD

What a delight we're finally getting a much better version of Alpha 2 on a Nintendo system instead of the SNES port again. And the rest and online for 3 of em just sweeten the deal. X3



That’s great news!



Finally, this has been rumoured most of the year. I wasn't expecting switch to be a target console for this but that just means I'll buy it twice now



This is pretty cool. Kudos to Capcom for releasing these older games in collections now. I much rather have that than piece meal VC releases.

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OMG !!
One word can i say !

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Not my cup of tea, but it is great Capcom included the Switch in this release.

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I really had no interest in the first release, but seeing this has all the street fighter games i seriously don't know how anyone that's ever liked street fighter can pass this up.

Same with mega man.. i liked it when i was little but never had any desire to go back and play them.. but releasing them all in 1 package? Just gotta buy it.

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3RD Strike on the Switch, Megaman 11, Megaman X. Capcom just take all my money

Looking forward to playing all these games, I might have the under-rated opinion but I do like the Alpha series and the Street Fighter 3 series way more then the Street fighter II series.

Also I have never played the first Street fighter so I can't wait to try it out.

And another thing has a decent arcade come out for the Switch yet? with all the main staple Street fighter games and all the neo-geo fighters it may finally be time to invest in a good arcade stick in a few months



The fact that they are releasing this after they released ONE version of Street Fighter 2, for 40 bucks, in 2017, is hilarious to me. Like, Capcom played y'all for fools. As blatantly as they possibly could. And they are basically letting you know that, based on releasing this.

I mean, this does make up for it in some way, but it seems like such a middle finger to people who bought this new version of 2.

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^ Agreed. Looks like I was right in my refusal to buy USF2. This is a far superior package that delivers more. It's almost insulting to the consumers who purchased USF2.


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@KryptoKrunch Collections are good but I like the possibility to choose every single game that the virtual console gave us. You made your own collection this way. I bought many different versions of the Genesis collection on PS2, PS Vita and so on back then but I was only interested in a few titles I really loved a lot. Some other games were just garbage for me it was just anannoyance to scroll through them. I liked the collection overall and I was fine with it because I loved some of the games (except the fact that there wasn't the best version of Golden axe, that was available on Virtual console instead), so I'm fine with collections, but Virtual console is even better imho.
For example in the SNes mini there is a very big amount of games I consider mandatory and are missing instead. I don't like the concept of those mini consoles, I prefer software collections instead, but even as a software collection it would have been deeply disappointing for me. With Virtual console it wouldn't have been such an iussue, I could have bought only the few games I liked and at least hope that the other ones would be released some day

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@Rusted_Gold Yes, the NES 30 arcade stick by 8bitdo is one of the best. You can check out this article for more details.



I really want to buy this, but I already bought Ultra Street Fighter II and I think it'd be pretty useless to buy this if I own USFII.

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