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So a question to all of you who played the recent Splatfest — does Splatoon 2 allow you to change your weapons while waiting for enough players for another match? I loved Splatoon on Wii U, but one of my few gripes (aside from lack of split-screen multiplayer) was that you couldn't switch weapons while waiting for more players for another match; to switch weapons you'd have to exit out of the mode completely, switch weapons, and then enter that mode again, an overall needlessly cumbersome process. Did Splatoon 2 fix this?

@Dev Yeah it's there in the first game, although I never used it because by the time I noticed it I was already acquainted with most of the maps.

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@shani You can only roll twice in a row with dualies. And, if you look closely at the animation, you notice a burst of ink propelling your Inkling which is where the cost comes from. You may also have a point about the time it takes for the roll to finish and be able to start firing; doing so quickly at the cost of distance is the hat of Dapple Dualies. But their true limiting factor is simply mediocre range.

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@meleebrawler Ah interesting, I'll definitely have to take a look at that in the final game.
If it only allows you to do two rolls in a row, maybe there was a short pause between the second and third roll, I don't remember exactly. ^^
Yeah I think the Dapple Dualies wouldn't be for me because of their lack of range. The Dualies are still interesting because of the roll but I'm mostly looking forward to using Squelchers again.

@Dev Lol, seriously? Of course there was a recon function in the first game. It was there from day one...

@shadow-wolf Yes you can change your weapon while waiting.

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@shani: Well, I didn't play Splatoon too much anyway. It's why I plan on playing 2 much more.

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@shadow-wolf Well if you can change your weapon I didn't see it. Maybe solo splatfest you can't change weapon and in team splatfest you can.


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@shadow-wolf: Technically, they're both right. When in a squad, you can change your weapon while waiting. But, in a regular turf or ranked match, you can't change your weapon while waiting.

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I hope the Splatbrella comes soon after launch, it's my most anticipated weapon, seems good for pushing the offensive in tight spaces. In the first one my favourite sub was the Splash Wall, but I wonder if it'll be paired with the Splatbrella for an ultimate defensive set.

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Nintendoer wrote:

The stages in Spla2n are worse than Splatoon's stages, in my opinion at least. When I look at a screenshot of a Splatoon stage, I can immediately name it, but I'm having trouble identifying one Spla2n stage from another. It doesn't help that the stages feel claustrophobic and way more dreary than the first game's. It could just be me, but I just don't like them as much.

Don't forget for Splatfests that all the stages turn to night time but the normal game will have the stages in day time. At least that's how it worked in the original so I assume it's the same.



had so many disconnects in the 2 hours i played yesterday. Like 7 errors within game and a few error messages from the system itself.
Arms never gives me issues. MK8Dx not nearly as many either... This might be a deal breaker for this game...

No one give me that crap it's my internet, cause it's not. I get hella speed to stream, download and play hella games on PS4 online. Especially Overwatch. Never had a dissconnect on PS4 ever in my life.

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I'm thinking that's probably why they did one last free demo. Stress test to the max



@Samus7Killer I imagine it'll resolve itself. It might not be perfect, but it'll certainly be better than it currently is.



I just got round to watching the Splatoon 2 Direct on youtube (link below) and it blows me away how much new and creative stuff they've crammed into Splatoon 2. Loving the new weapons and abilities, the new maps look great, Splatnet 2 seems very useful, Salmon Run is my kind of coop game, mini games, challenges etc and they're only charging £50 for all of this.

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@Samus7Killer , don't forget that the splatfest event was worldwide since we can create US and Japanese accounts to hop into their events (I played both EU and US splatfests), so I bet the servers were jammed, some good stress testing right there which I'm sure the devs needed to improve their servers.



We shouldn't be punished for Nintendo's junky Wifi in the Switch and 90s era game servers! Bans will be galore b/c of this.



I believe the reviews start releasing tomorrow. What scores do you guys expect?

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i expect between a score of 9-8/10.
i'd be shock if it gets a 10.

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I have a feeling it may score worse than the original in some reviews. It probably won't but it's more of a gut feeling than anything else.

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Just gotta pop in to say:


Carry on.

Wait, hang on a sec. 90s-era game servers? Dang. Take me back, please! Those were some of the most stable servers around. TRIBES, the ORIGINAL, EQ/Asheron's Call, etc. all had ridiculously stable servers by today's standards. 2000 and beyond is when servers started skimping and going to trash.

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