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Ok. I have been having problems with Splatoon 2 lately, but I think it's because it may be my internet acting up. I have so much fun with Splatoon 2 over the past two months. And the holidays and my birthday are coming up, so I am gonna take a break from Splatoon 2 for awhile to play some of the Switch games I got during Hanukkah. And before forgive me for being a bit rude OctoVeemo20 starts her usual conspiracy/rant sailor mouth posts about how Nintendo didn't add delicate servers and how NSO is right now and her claims about dozens and dozens of people complaining to Nintendo about it, as I said before, it is not the servers, but I think my internet is acting up.

So until my internet is in working condition again, I will be taking a break from Splatoon 2 and play my new Switch games like Hyrule Warriors and Monster Hunter Generations Ultimate.

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Switch Friend Code: SW-6488-5483-0698


Turns out the reason January Splatfest is holiday based is that there's a December Splatfest based on Smash Ultimate, Heroes vs. Villains.


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Would anyone here be interested in forming a team? I've been playing for 300h+ and mainly clam blitz (reached x rank) but am interested in other modes too.



moving forward, I demand glittery ink for every Splatfest.

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Been playing the free trial after previously playing a couple hours of my friend's game a while ago. It's pretty fun, made it to level 8. I suck at shooting games so my only real success so far has been with rollers.

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I downloaded the free demo. My kid signed up for the online on his account. I can't play on my account.

So for all the people saying NO is better than PS+ b/c it's so much cheaper, well at least I never ran into this kind of problem w/ 4 accounts on my two PS3 and one PS4. Anybody, anytime, on any system can play the PS+ games. I know Nintendo has a $35 "family account", and as soon as I can find the free trial for it I'll stop complaining. It's a free trial Nintendo, why make it so difficult to play?

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How many Salmon Run points you need to get those Krusty Sean double experience tickets?

It all started from Game&Watch.

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@Eagle9 Salmon Run rewards are random, although checking the rotation's superbonus (press Y on the Grizzco menu) will give you some idea of what particularly good ones you'll get that time. The orange reward capsules have a chance to contain experience tickets. Note that if you keep playing past 1200p in a rotation you'll only get gear from then on.

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You've really got to appreciate some April Fools' jokes.

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I got almost all quick respawn chunks on my splatfest T while using the quick respawn drink during Unicorn v Narwhal splatfest. I thought ability drinks didn't affect loadouts on Splatfest Ts. Now, there is the possibility this was a statistical fluke, but did anyone else notice ability drinks working on the Splatfest T?

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