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Hm, that's a very situational offensive weapon. You'll need Ninja Squid, Sub Power Up, Sub Saver, and even Special Charge Up. The idea is to be a hunter for tagged Squids from Ink Mines. Might work with good map knowledge.

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Aah man... I said to myself, "I'm going to try and get to S+10 in the three original modes, then move onto some other games I need to finish".

Well, today I made it to S+10 in Rainmaker (the last mode), and now the game I want to play most in the world is... still Splatoon! Aah! The game won't release me from its clutches!

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@Maxz S+10? Wow! The highest that I’ve ever got in any mode is S+1. Any tips for a sniper turned L-3 Nozzlenose D player?

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@NinjaAceTrainer Oh man, they're both weapons I have very little experience with! I've been a Splat Pro player for a while, and recently branched into N-Zap territory for Rainmaker. I'd like to learn to snipe through!

What in particular draws you to the Nozzlenose? It's pretty rare to see them in Ranked!

If terms of general tips, I've found watching a few really good players has opened my eyes to certain patterns of movement and positioning that I probably wouldn't have picked up on through standard play. It might not be exactly what you're looking for, but here's an example of a top UK player putting the H-3 through its paces:

Some of the stuff just comes down to reflexes, accuracy, and general experience with the game, but I feel there's still a lot that can be immediately taken away and applied just by watching play at that level. After all, it's not like Splatoon has any obtuse combos or anything like that; it's all just running, shooting, and swimming bIt certainly helped me at least!

The other thing that's helped me is keeping an eye on team numbers, and adjusting your play accordingly. If you've just wiped the entire team, chances are it's a perfect moment to push the objective and maybe pressure the opponents' base. Conversely, if you're the only person alive against a full opposing, trying to push the objective directly will probably fail and make you look conspicuous (and probably die). So getting a feel for the general ebb and flow of the match can really help you capitalise when the wind is with you and minimise losses when you're on the back foot.

I guess a similar logic applies in terms of knowing what weapons you match up best against against what other weapons at what distances; knowing which battles to fight, and which to flee from; and knowing how to use your subs, specials, and teammates' positioning to try and cut down an opponent's options.

Sorry if any or all of this sounds completely obvious; I'm basically regurgitating the 'list of things I at some point realised and subsequently got better for understanding', so it might all seem like common sense to most people. But it helped me, so it's probably the most honest advice I can offer. Even if it's got nothing to do with the Nozzlenoses.

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@Maxz Thank you. I knew the general tips. I like the Nozzlenose because of its quick, almost assassin-like playstyle. It can win almost any bout at mid-short range easily, especially if you ambush them. Naturally Ninja Squid is invaluable. It’s turfing ability is quite good too, but I find it better suited to surprise attacks. And the fact that it is laser-precise in its aim (unless you jump while shooting) makes my good aim and experience as a sniper useful. Thank you for the guide, but the L-3 and H-3 play quite differently. I think that they stand for “Light-3 Shot” and “Heavy-3 Shot” respectively.

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@Maxz Also, if you want to get into sniping, here are some tips:

  • Don’t just stay at one point for the entire game, your enemies will learn where you are, and how to avoid/splat you. And if there are no enemies in sight, you may aswell move to a place where you can shoot them.
  • Focus on getting splats, not inking turf. Chargers can actually be pretty good for inking turf, but the ability to snipe enemies from a distance is more useful than their turf power, except possibly in the last moments of a game. In terms of ranked, don’t ‘seek out’ or prioritise the objective, except in the final moments. Taking some pressure off of your team is helpful in its own right.
  • Everyone can see where you are aiming. That ‘aim pointer’ is one of the most annoying things about using chargers, any player worth their salt can see this and react with a dodge. Try to charge your shot while facing away, then aim at the enemy when you can kill them on sight. This isn’t easy to do with scopes, however.
  • Don’t shoot randomly, make sure to aim and lock on to your opponent before your opponent before shooting. Because a missed shot is more obvious than than aim laser. This is easier to do without scopes, but still possible with.
    If there’s an enemy hiding behind a wall, flush them out. Aim higher than the wall, and with shot to both sides and a shot above them, they’ll either be immobilised or if they realise, they’ll jump out for you to shoot them.
  • Spamming ZR in a pinch. Unless you’re using an E-Liter or Goo Tuber, you can generally charge up a shot before someone kills you. With the standard chargers (all 5 of them) you can charge up a shot before a standard roller does a vertical swing, essentially making them easy targets for those with good reflexes. They can all charge up before most things, so panic button (heheh) mashing is not a good thing.

That’s all of them. In general, those with better reflexes and aim will be better, but really anyone can be good with chargers with practice. I hope that these help you to start sniping!

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Version 2.3.0 is coming tomorrow-ish. Patch notes only in Japanese as of yet, but here they are. Some of the more interesting changes include:

  • Aerospray coverage seemingly un-nerfed to some extent
  • Squid Beakon now makes nearby opponents visible on the map
  • Tenta Missiles now let you swim before firing
  • Inkjet and Baller can change direction more quickly
  • If your Profreshional rank is above 100, instead of resetting to 40 next rotation it's rounded down to the nearest 100, capped at 400

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Hey everyone, we're planning to set up a Splatoon 2 tournament in the near future!
So in preparation for that, we want to invite everyone who's interested to join the NL Inklings Discord server.

Just make sure to post your ranks for all the modes plus your time zones. You can do that in the channel #teambuilding.

There's also a doodle to schedule the exact date of the tourney, you'll find it in the channel #nltournaments. It'll also be pinned there.

I'll just mention some users that have participated in our Splatoon 1 tourneys here. I basically just copied the participants from previous tournaments.
I'm aware it was a long time ago, I don't even know if you're (still) playing Splatoon 2 or whether you're interested in participating though - so please don't hold it against me.

@Jazzer94 @Iggly @MasterWario @Blue_Blur @Eli-Ash @Pikminfan22 @EdJericho @Crimsontadpoles @BurningSonic @DreamyViridi @Lzeon @Megapokepaul @ACK @Freeon-Leon @Kinan @Oorwullie @Sugarfree @Jorjaymad-6715 @Santa @DiscoGentleman

Of course anyone who's interested can participate, not just the people I mentioned above.

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So I've just tried out the dark tetra duelies. The shooting while rolling thing looks like a weird half roll. The accuracy is what's sacrificed here as the sway/deviation of your shots forces you to get up close and personal as Sheldon points out. It's range is in the middle of your standard duelies and the glooga. damage is just below standard duelies as well. I imagine these weapons would be ideal for you rollers to try because of its close quarters nature and as for best maps, I feel the skate park in splatzones is your jam. As for that new map, LOTS of vantage points for you snipers.

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New Europe Splatfest next weekend (10th-11th) which is which came first, the chicken or the egg.


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The egg - obviously. Unless a chicken directly evolved from a mammal (nope) or from bacteria/flora/fungi (nope) - the first one must have come from an egg.

..I still don't know for sure why it crossed the road though

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It was mentioned above but here's the Tweet about the upcoming Splatfest.


#Splatfest is getting a little philosophical! It’s the age old question, which came first? #TeamChicken or #TeamEgg? Don’t get cooped up in the details, just hatch a plan and peck a side! Splatfest kicks off 3/9 at 8pm PT.


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Another interesting question is whether we can define a difference between a "chicken egg" and a "chicken's egg", where the former in named with respect to the animal contained within the egg, and the latter with respect to the animal that laid it.

In familiar cases the distinction is barely worth making, as we can be sure that if a chicken lays an egg it will hatch another chicken, and the converse: that any egg which hatches a chicken must have also been laid by a chicken.

But when considering the very first chicken, the distinction presents two different answers.

Certain statements hold true independent of what we actually define to be 'the first chicken'. Namely; the first chicken was laid by an animal that was not a chicken. If it was laid by a chicken, this would imply it was not the first chicken. Let us name the animal which laid the first chicken, a 'khicken'.

So the first chicken hatched from a khicken's egg (the egg laid by the khicken). But this 'khicken's egg' actually was the first 'chicken egg', because it contained a chicken.

Therefore the 'chicken egg' preceded the chicken. However, the first 'chicken's egg' would have had to be actually laid by a chicken itself, meaning the chicken's egg was preceded by the chicken.

So, working with the above definitions, the chicken egg came first, followed by the chicken, followed by the chicken's egg.

It's really a case of whether you interpret the 'egg' in question to be the chicken egg or the chicken's egg.

I'm siding with @NaviAndMii on this one and going with the former: Team Egg for me.

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The new Shifty Station looks interesting. After a certain time has passed, parts of the map will be blocked by glass cubes/dome. You can still be inside when it closes(or have a beakon inside).
Love how creative the maps are even though they only get used like 3 weekends or so.
#TeamChicken 😙

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Picked up Splatoon 2 about a week ago while I was in Las Vegas for my anniversary and I have really been enjoying it. I never did play the first Splatoon so I’m still learning the ropes of how the game plays.

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I've yet to get into the game again but will do so sometime soon. Didn't even try the new mode in multiplayer so... It's gonna feel like a new game again lol

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Splatoon 2 was the highlight of the Direct for me, especially seeing Camp Triggerfish return and the Octo Expansion.

Pricing by the way is £17.99/$19.99 and they specifically said in the Direct that the Octo Expansion is the first paid DLC so there'll of course be more.


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Gotta be honest here, I've been pretty down on playing Splatoon lately due to how restrictive it feels in it's modes compared to ARMS (and I kind of prefer fighting games to shooters). This expansion may be just what I need to "freshen" up the experience again.

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Boy Octos are clear. Not as fab as I imagined them.

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I'm paying the 19.99 just for that new beat. Worth it

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