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Another interesting question is whether we can define a difference between a "chicken egg" and a "chicken's egg", where the former in named with respect to the animal contained within the egg, and the latter with respect to the animal that laid it.

In familiar cases the distinction is barely worth making, as we can be sure that if a chicken lays an egg it will hatch another chicken, and the converse: that any egg which hatches a chicken must have also been laid by a chicken.

But when considering the very first chicken, the distinction presents two different answers.

Certain statements hold true independent of what we actually define to be 'the first chicken'. Namely; the first chicken was laid by an animal that was not a chicken. If it was laid by a chicken, this would imply it was not the first chicken. Let us name the animal which laid the first chicken, a 'khicken'.

So the first chicken hatched from a khicken's egg (the egg laid by the khicken). But this 'khicken's egg' actually was the first 'chicken egg', because it contained a chicken.

Therefore the 'chicken egg' preceded the chicken. However, the first 'chicken's egg' would have had to be actually laid by a chicken itself, meaning the chicken's egg was preceded by the chicken.

So, working with the above definitions, the chicken egg came first, followed by the chicken, followed by the chicken's egg.

It's really a case of whether you interpret the 'egg' in question to be the chicken egg or the chicken's egg.

I'm siding with @NaviAndMii on this one and going with the former: Team Egg for me.

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The new Shifty Station looks interesting. After a certain time has passed, parts of the map will be blocked by glass cubes/dome. You can still be inside when it closes(or have a beakon inside).
Love how creative the maps are even though they only get used like 3 weekends or so.
#TeamChicken 😙

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Picked up Splatoon 2 about a week ago while I was in Las Vegas for my anniversary and I have really been enjoying it. I never did play the first Splatoon so I’m still learning the ropes of how the game plays.

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I've yet to get into the game again but will do so sometime soon. Didn't even try the new mode in multiplayer so... It's gonna feel like a new game again lol

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Splatoon 2 was the highlight of the Direct for me, especially seeing Camp Triggerfish return and the Octo Expansion.

Pricing by the way is £17.99/$19.99 and they specifically said in the Direct that the Octo Expansion is the first paid DLC so there'll of course be more.


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Gotta be honest here, I've been pretty down on playing Splatoon lately due to how restrictive it feels in it's modes compared to ARMS (and I kind of prefer fighting games to shooters). This expansion may be just what I need to "freshen" up the experience again.

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Boy Octos are clear. Not as fab as I imagined them.

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I'm paying the 19.99 just for that new beat. Worth it

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@-Green- They were kind of evasive about whether these are real Octolings. The whole "test tube" scene and that they only say they look like Octolings kind of throws a wrench into things.

The gameplay almost seems like an official ROM hack of the single player campaign with much gets thrown at you.

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Hyped for the expansion!


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@meleebrawler The birth of Octolings is a bit obscure. In the original artbook it is stated that Octarians are born from severed tentacles and left it open how Octolings related to that.

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I hope there's not going to be too much salt over paid DLC. I mean, I think people have for years been expecting that playable Octolings would eventually be added as an option everyone would get for free, and now suddenly you have to earn the privilege by buying and playing this new story.

I've no complaints personally, though. This game has more than earned the right to take more of my money. And while more single-player content wasn't necessarily on my personal wishlist, this does look well-crafted - and quite interesting lore-wise. I like how it keeps looking more and more like the Inklings are living in a bubble and the world isn't as pleasant as they think. Indeed, there is perhaps an implication that the Octolings view Inkopolis as a promised land they dream of escaping to.

Also, Triggerfish hype! Although I'm a bit scared of them messing with the Splat Zones layout...

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Really looking forward to 3.0! ..not sure I'll be getting the paid DLC though - looks crazy, but I only really play Splatoon 2 as a multiplayer game (barely touched the single-player stuff as it is!)'s funny though, I always thought that they'd add something to that area just round to the right of Murch - specifically that subway station that's been blocked off since launch! ..looks like this was the plan all along!

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£44.99 is enough for the game, and I'm still really enjoying. But not enough to pay £17.99 for DLC, the trailer looks ok but not £17.99 worth......well, for me personally. The 3.0 free update in April is suffice.

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I'm gonna buy it because I'm a big geek who really likes Splatoon. I did cringe at the 20 dollar price tag, but I'm fine with it.

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Hype got the better of me and I bought the DLC. I loved what I saw in the trailer and I'm super excited for the Octo Expansion but I kinda regret buying it "now" instead of waiting for its release.

I was never one to pre-purchase anything these days but oh well, I was looking forward to this anyway! No going back!

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I believe there's 80 new levels? With the '8' theme going on. And they mentioned lore, that's always good (this is what ARMS needed!). I kinda wish it was €18 or €8 instead

Oh well, looks good and I'm a big fan of the single player campaign (iirc around 30 levels?). So if these are 80 full on single player levels, they'll last a good 10 hours or so.



Not sure how long this has been going on, but for at least the last 24hrs, virtually every turf battle I play ends with a lemon on one side or the other, only scoring about 0-300p. Time after time, and it's starting to piss me off with one sided matches.

Anyone know what's going on?

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Really looking forward to the new DLC, 80 stages + new species is really good.

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The DLC seems significantly better than the original campaign based on what they showed. The levels have a lot more going on and allow for a greater variety of enemies and weapons. That hopefully points to it being pretty good.

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