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The main thing that gets me playing Splatoon 2 is the splatfest as I think they're a fun way to debate opinions. The ones we've had so far have varied in quality of topic so I'm curious of what people would want to have as splatfest topics if they could create their own.

They can be as pointless as curry vs pizza
or maybe more controversial such as Mario vs Kirby.

The ones I've come up with so far include:

Manga vs comic
Harry Potter vs Game of Thrones
Snowboarding vs Skiing
Autumn vs Spring
Christmas vs Summer holidays
Chocolate vs Sweets
City vs Countryside

Have fun thinking up more
Bonus points if they become actual splatfests.

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Mario vs. Luigi
Super Mario vs. The Legend of Zelda

Both are ideas so obvious, I‘m surprised they haven‘t done them yet. I mean, they did Pokémon Red vs. Blue so why not?

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Wand of gamelon VS Ocarina of time

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Israeli vs Palestinian.

Nicolai wrote:

Alright, I gotta stop getting into arguments with jump. Someone remind me next time.

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Toh-MAY-toe vs Toh-MART-toe

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Mario vs Zelda is the first one I thought of too. Maybe they could also do TV Mode vs Handheld Mode for the Switch


The problem is they're already well known debates with obvious results. Most individual Zelda games are regarded highly in the gaming community. The Mario franchise although very popular, is diverse and game quality goes from amazing to absolutely awful. The Legend of Zelda in general is usually seen as the better franchise. If you need confirmation just look up some polls.

Same with Mario VS Luigi. Luigi wins that battle by a landslide and that's not surprising. Luigi's more refined personality just makes him much more charismatic, and who isn't rooting for number 1?

I'm not saying Splatfests haven't been predictable before and I know it isn't all about popularity. (I mean seriously Cats VS Dogs who didn't know the outcome of that?) But I rather have something a little less predictable, Red VS Blue is actually a good example.

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Nintendo vs Sony



@Sir_Anthony I dunno, I think Mario vs Zelda would be much less predictable than 'which way round do you hang your toilet paper'


Some hardcore Nintendo fans think that Zelda is absolutely the best but Mario has a much larger audience and I myself prefer Mario so I agree that the result could be less predictable

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Mario vs Zelda would be a good one. A Mario/Zelda themed shifty station would be awesome!



Brains vs brawns



Mario and Luigi is probably going to happen at some point.


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Peach vs Rosalina/Daisy
Wario/Waluigi vs Mario/Luigi
Waffles vs Pancakes
Sci-Fi vs Fantasy
Science vs History
Cartoons vs Anime
One Piece vs Naruto

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Sweet v Savoury
Split joy-cons v Pro controller/grip/handheld
Coffee v Tea (they've probably already done that one)
Singing v Dancing
Early birds v Night owls (suspect this will be a landslide, thanks to the teenage players)
Football v Soccer (referring to the same sport, not gridiron (which I also love))
Salt v Pepper
Baking v Cooking
Ant v Dec (sorry. this is one for those who get British TV...)

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good vs evil
coffee vs tea
DC vs Marvel

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I've got some that I think could really interesting:

What field would you rather study: Ichthyology (P) vs Entomology (M)
What season do you prefer: Winter (P) vs Summer (M)
What would you like to receive on Valentines: Chocolates (P) vs Flowers (M)
How do you like your pastries: Savoury (P) vs Sweet (M)
What material for clothing do you prefer: Cashmere (P) vs Leather (M)
How do you drink your beverages: With a straw (P) vs No straw (M)

I wanted to include one memey idea in the end and that was the best I could think of XD But those are my ideas for splatfests, I think it would be really cool if any of these actually end up becoming official splatfests in the future (I would love to see the flowers vs chocolates idea become the splatfest for Feb 2019) but I obviously wouldn't be shocked in the slightest if they never make it into the game.

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