Topic: Speedway Racing..anyone try it yet?

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@TTgowings Ah, okay. You had me confused there for a second...

Oh, and you're welcome.

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As soon as I seen Speedway Racing was made by Super Powerup Games I instantly dismissed it. They are either Enjoyup Games who make those awful Rock N' Racing games with a new name or they're partnered with them somehow.

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@OorWullie Same here. One glance at the developer and I knew it's just a mediocre racer at best.

I played other racing games made by them, and frankly, Speedway Racing looks like another huge step up, even though it's still not good. So on the plus side they're slowly getting better.

The racing games are not made internally. It's just another guy who makes all the racing games and Super Power Up just publishes them. He's kinda part of the company now.

And yes, Super PowerUp Games is EnjoyUp Games with a new name. In the eShop all the former EnjoyUp games are Super PowerUp games now.

I have a love hate relationship with them. They made me delete 50 of my Miis for a broken freezing glitchfest game called Family & Friends Party back on WiiWare. I was stupid enough to listen to them. Nobody should be talked into deleting precious data to get a game working, especially when it doesn't fix the bugs! But they were friendly enough to send me a free game (Chronos Twins DX) for that mess-up, and they also brought us the wonderful La-Maluna when Nicalis began to suck.

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