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Who else thinks these new special stages are overly difficult compared to the old genesis games cause personally i think the dam ufo still moves way too fast even on mach 3 quite frankly its insulting when your giving it your all and trying to get all the emeralds. im hoping they patch it to make it a little more fair cause its making getting the emeralds virtually impossible for me but in the old games ive never had issues xD



Sonic CD was the first Sonic I owned (on PC back in Windows 95 days) and I don't think those bonus stages are too difficult compared to Sonic CD ones. The most difficult special stages in Sonic games were Sonic 2 special stages because of Tails, and it was not just that they were difficult, they were completely unfair because of Tails messing around with Sonic at least in single player mode (I never tried co-op). Sonic Mania bonus stages can be hard but at least they are not unfair.

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So far I don't mind the UFO special stages. What I do mind is the return of the sphere bonus stages. Nobody asked for those to return. They were terrible in Sonic 3, and still terrible today. IMO it's not fun playing a stage that makes me dizzy along with bad control and boring gameplay.



@Biff_ARMStrong Classic Sonic fans have been harping for it for years. I never really liked Blue Sphere, I kinda of prefer what they did with the "Get these spheres" concept in Colours DS, and Heroes. Made it more interesting and faster.

I dont think Blue Sphere is well suited to being a checkpoint bonus. It feels too long for it.

Now the actual special stages I like a little. Cobtrol is a bit hnmmmm but ysing the directional buttons on the joycon actually worked really well.

And for some reason Special Stage 7 feels like the easiest...

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@BLP_Software Yeah, as I got further in the game I was just flat out skipping them. All you get for completing them is a coin to add to your collection. I know collecting them all probably unlocks something cool but I'm not planning on 100% this game anyways.



@Biff_ARMStrong I agree.They are also rather similar to the main special stage (Sonic CD), only much worse. Back then they could have been quite impressive the first times you tried them, now they just are frustraiting. I purposely avoid them. I like a lot Sonic 1 Special stages, I think it would have been better if they put Sonic 1 stages along with Sonic CD ones instead of Sonic 3 stages. They were better and they are also much more different compared to Sonic CD ones so the game would have felt more varied. It is still a wonderful game anyway.

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I would have preferred the Sonic 2 Special Stages to Sonic 3's. I expect a Sonic Mania 2 to deliver on this, as well as remixed versions of Marble and Hill Top zones. Maybe a cameo from Sonic Spinball!


The Knuckles' Chaotix Special Stages were pretty cool, but they'd be no good for little bonus stages. I think the Sonic 3 ones are fine, they can go on for a bit and the jumping is a bit funny, but I'd prefer that to the garbage Sonic 1 and 2 Special Stages. Also, the Sonic 3 ones are the only ones are the only ones you can fail immediately, so it makes sense for a bonus stage, so if you mess up you don't have to slog on.

Either way though the UFO Special Stages in Mania are incredible fun so they more than make up for it.

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I definitely prefer the more cerebral approach to the Sonic 3 special stages (and the controls work fine when you realize the grid-based nature of the levels), to constantly battling the physics of Sonic 1 and the cheap semi-blind curves of Sonic 2.

No matter what special stage you're playing in any Sonic game, the key to victory is just knowing them well.

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The weird thing is back in the day I liked the blue spheres the best because I was actually able to reliably complete them unlike the puzzle board and half pipes prior.

Yet playing them now, they seem very tedious, and I can't seem to manage to complete them, boxing myself in too easily, or just missing a beat on the inputs. I think the Sonic 1 special stages may have been the most fun, if not the most "puzzle" oriented.



High level nitpicking here but I really miss Chao feeding/breeding in the Chao Garden... I know it's a stretch and maybe unfitting for 2D Sonic, but only then I would consider this to be a 10/10 Sonic game.


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