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SmaggTheSmug wrote:

For someone who was never into Sonic much (aside from playing a demo of Sonic 3 & Knuckles as a kid) would you recommend going straight into Mania or playing old Sonic titles first? Most of them are on Steam for little money and AGES is going to bring them to Switch as well.

Knuckles will eventually probably make a come back sometime in the future. As to buying it since it is a first for NS in physical edition I would say get it and enjoy the Sonic force. But the final choice is up to you to make-we only give our experiences/views that last choice is yours.



A new trailer just came out.

Seeing Knuckles and Mighty at the end kinda warms my heart.

It was also announced that it was going to cost $5.00 to people who own the original game. Definitely not a bad price! I’ve been playing the game on PC, I’m tempted to get the physical Switch version though. Double dipping on Sonic games is nothing new to me, I have 7 copy’s of Sonic 2.

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It got delivered today!
They have put in extra card board to make it the size of a blueray box.
Then opened the case and found what i thought was a manual. But no its just support information.


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I ordered it today. The whole shebang for 25 Euro, on card. Not bad heh! Hopefully I get it soon. The site I wanted to order at suddenly didn't have it anymore, so I ordered it elsewhere. Fingers crossed!



I am very disappointed with Encore/Plus DLC. Angel Island Zone is soooo short, I hoped to see a full Angel Island Zone!

The new characters are fun, though.



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