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I've noticed some strange things about Super Mario Odyssey.
I've only watched the reveal trailer and a tiny bit of the E3 trailer as I'm trying to avoid as many spoilers as possible.
Some people have already pointed out that the Super Mario Odyssey logo bears an odd resemblance to the Japanese logo for Sonic Unleashed, as well as quite a few other comparisons to the Sonic series.
I noticed something too, though, right as I was watching the reveal trailer for the first time. Once of the levels shown off was a foresty level with red industrial areas. That sounded really familiar to me.
Kind of like... Planet Wisp from Sonic Colors.
I don't know if these similarities to Sonic are coincidences or not, but I just felt like pointing it out.

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Well green and red are often seen as counterparts to each other and next to one another, they stand out more. So it prob was just a stylistic choice due to the clashing worlds of industry and the forest, that was also made in Sonic Colors. The nature versus tech has always been a big theme in Sonic games.

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I mean, it's not exactly as blatant as how much Sonic Lost World wanted to be Mario Galaxy.

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