Topic: Soft Locked on Vah Rudania (Zelda: Breath of the Wild)

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I'm stuck inside Vah Rudania with no heat resistant elixirs - so basically, I can move around inside but when I go outside I keep burning up. Does anyone know what I can do to get out?




Try hard resetting.

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@Gabe5050 I'm not that far into the game yet, but is there any way in which you can teleport/fast travel back to a safe location? Or do you have an earlier save point that you can load? Otherwise, I'm afraid you're kinda screwed, seeing as from what I've been able to find so far, most solutions involve only going into there when you have the full, heat resistant armor, so that you're not dependent on elixirs anymore.

Here's an example:

It also seems that you might have missed a vital clue, given by the townspeople, which is discussed in these threads:

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I think the entrance is a teleportation spot so you can teleport out to get an elixir and teleport back. That's how i remember it but I havent played in over a year



Besides the point of the topic, so I apologize, but I've been playing this recently and the other day I tested out the language settings. IMO there's something fitting about putting the game in a foreign language considering the game is set in such a strange, fantasy world. I suggest Russian

To me it's not very realistic that all the different people and races in the game - Zora, Hylians, Goron etc. would all speak perfect English.

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You can use the Sheikah Slate to fast travel out. You can get elixirs at the Horse stable south of Eldin Volcano

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@Gabe5050 I forget how quickly you burn up. Can't you just make a run for it and jump off the mountain?

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@bixente I always put my games in Japanese if there is that possibility and especially if they are made in Japan. This is the way they were designed after all.

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Thanks everyone! I managed to find a saved file that took me back in time so it's fixed



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