Topic: Octopath Traveler: In Search of Father, being unable to complete it *Warning*

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after putting 70+ hours into this game i decided to continue to complete side quests, there's a few particular side quests that need to be completed for further post game content and this is one of them. i started this quest back in chapter 2 and forgot about it and now in post game when trying to complete it I'm unable to as the NPC that you need to guide/allure is not there.

I then decided to start a new game as Cyrus to check if the NPC will spawn in the side quest or if it was just my copy of the game, and i found the NPC that i needed to guide/allure.

This would mean if you start this side quest in earlier chapters and leave till post game you wont be able to complete it (In my case). This locked me out of post game content and I'll have to start all over again.....

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I don't know the sidequest in question but is there are chance that the NPC in question simply moved to another location? Some characters seem to move around the map when you complete side quests and stuff.

Sounds like a serious problem if the character just disappears at some point in the game and never comes back when it's required to unlock more content. I'm sorry to hear this happened to you.

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@Dot_Bear, Did you try to contact the Developers about it? That would be the fastest way to get it fixed if that is a bug. If it's open world there shouldn't be a block like that happening unless there was something mentioned if you pass then it will not come back. At least now others will check Chapter 2 to be sure they don't miss this as well now.



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